4ZZZ Board of Directors

AGM 2015/16 REPORT

4zzz annual report 2016

2016/17 4ZZZ Board of Directors

The board of a community radio station provide governance and represents the membership of the organisation.

The Board provides leadership and overall strategy for the organisation as well as ensuring that the station's finances are sound, its operations are legal, and its procedures work.

You can contact our Board via the group email board@4zzz.org.au

Chairperson - Andrew Bartlett
Treasurer - Tina Furlanetto
Secretary - Lucas Moore
Albie Allan
Stephen Stockwell
Denise Foley
Mark Louttit
Kellie Riordan

Which positions are vacant this year?

There are three (3) ordinary and one (1) named (Chair) directors of the Company.

- Chairperson Position

- 3 x Director Position


Board Nominees 

Chairperson position -

Denise Foley

I wish to nominate for the 4ZZZ board, in the position of President.  I have now served on the 4ZZZ board for 3 years and feel I have a good understanding of the challenges the station has been through and those we continue to face.  I am nominating as President due to Andrew Bartlett's appointment to the Senate and his vacating of the Chair position.  Andrew has been a great chair and I feel it is important to maintain consistency of the board knowledge that has been developed over a largely stable period of board membership.

I bring with me skills from both the community welfare sector, the music industry and significant experience in governance in community based Not-for-Profit organisations.  I have a strong history of advocacy in both the prisoner and family area and the contemporary music sector.

I  believe 4ZZZ has been and will continue to be a significant cultural institution in the Queensland and national landscape, and we will continue to focus on, providing an independent and alternative news voice, a platform for those in our community who do not have a voice in mainstream channels, a platform for local music and an integral cog in the communities we represent.  We will do this through continuing to strengthen our financial position and our physical resources, continuing to value our immense number of volunteers, and by providing a platform for greater representation and engagement with communities who seek to utilise this amazing station as a resource and a home.


Director positions -

Nominee Statement: Stephen Stockwell

Hi, I'm Stephen Stockwell. 

At the moment I work for the ABC as a reporter for triple j's current affairs program, Hack, but before I managed to find a way to make a living in the media I spent a good five years hanging around zed in the newsroom, hosting a couple of shows and generally helping out where needed (grant writing, outside broadcasts, creating zed digital). I only left when I was sent to the other side of the country by the ABC.

After returning to Brisbane a few years ago I found my way onto the triple zed board in the hope my professional experience could help the station grow while maintaining its own strong identity. Over the past two years we've seen a healthy jump in subscribers, an epic 2017 Radiothon and the development of the station's next strategic plan. It's been a fantastic time and I'd love the opportunity to continue my work on the board with another term. My focus will always be on helping make sure the newsroom is supported at board level and that we continue to serve the parts of our audience who aren't given a voice elsewhere.

Vote 1 Stockwell! 


Nominee Statement: Andrew Bartlett

I wish to nominate for a position on the 4ZZZ Board. I have served as Chair of the Board for just over two years, and have prior experinece as a general member of the Board. I was first active as a volunteer at the station in 1982 and filled many roles throughout the decade. I got re-involved as a volunteer announcer in 2008. I have wide experience on the committees and boards of management of many other not-for-profit organisations.

Due to the work of many people, the health of 4ZZZ has been on an upward trajectory for a number of years, but we continue to face challenges to ensure our long-term viability. I am certain 4ZZZ also has the potential to become an even stronger and more influential instution in Brisbane, including develioping a much larger subscriber base, but we need to continue to improve vaious aspects of the way we do things if we are to achieve this potential.

Due to my recently being re-elected to the Senate, I don't believe it is approriate for me to conitnue on as Cahir of the Board, but I believe for the sake of continuity and to assist with the ongoing transition, it would be benficial for me to conitnue to serve as a general member of the Board at present.


Nominee Statement: Kellie Riordan

Kellie Riordan is manager of ABC Audio Studios, a broadcast production house responsible for some of Australia’s most popular podcasts including Conversations, The real thing, How do you sleep at night and Ladies we need to talk. ABC Audio Studios is part of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and Kellie has more than 20 years experience in broadcasting and is now on ABC Radio's executive team.

Kellie began her career in radio management in 2007 when appointed Content Director of metropolitan radio station 612 ABC Brisbane. Previously she’s been an executive producer of current affairs programs, a presenter with ABC Coast FM, and a reporter with triple j’s current affairs program Hack. 

In her early career Kellie wrote music reviews and articles for Time Off magazine. As a long time lover of music, she spent time managing rock bands when in her early 20s. Both her brothers are musicians, and her sister is a sound engineer. (She's pretty terrible at the piano herself.) 

Kellie worked as a publicist for Warner Music in 1999 and 2000 and then with EMI Music in 2001 and 2002.

Kellie was also a member of the Q Music board from 2004-2007, when the organisation grew its Big Sound conference to become world renowned.

She holds a Bachelor of Business degree (journalism major) from the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) and a Diploma of Management. Kellie was also a visiting fellow at the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism at Oxford University in 2014, where she published a widely-regarded paper on editorial standards in the digital age. 

Nominee Statement: Mark Louttit

Mark Louttit’s long-standing association with 4ZZZ commenced as an administration, technical services and production volunteer in the late 70’s.

Mark relocated to Melbourne in 1990, continuing his voluntary work in Community Radio [3RRR & 3CR], Music Victoria and the education sector.  He has an extensive music industry background, having worked with the Go-Betweens, Screaming Tribesmen, Tex Perkins and more recently, Ron S Peno and Alyce Platt.

Mark has a Commerce Degree from Deakin University, majoring in Management and Marketing.  He has a Management Consulting business specialising in “Implementation”, providing professional services to many of Australia’s leading corporations.

Mark returned to Brisbane in 2015, re-connecting with 4ZZZ undertaking a range of voluntary services, including providing pro-bono Management Consulting services to 4ZZZ management.  Mark was co-opted to the Board in March 2017.

Mark previously published “Ratsack” magazine with Michelle McIntyre and Tex Perkins.  He has recently contributed to the “Ephemeral Traces” exhibition at UQ, the ABC “Stranded” Brisbane music documentary and the Go-Betweens documentary, “Right Here”.

Mark sees membership of the 4ZZZ Board as an ideal opportunity to continue his positive contribution to the local broadcasting, art, entertainment and political environments.