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  • Review: There Goes the Bride
    Anachronistic British farce with a slap and tickle!
  • Review-: Bogga
    Told in the words of former officers and inmates of Boggo Road Gaol without any additions or adaptations, with the oral histories collected by Brisbane historian Chris Dawson.  'Bogga' captures the daily life of real people, and all the riots, corruption, drug and sex scandals, murders and suicides that were the backlash of unjust institutions..
  • Nineteen @ Brisbane Powerhouse
    Award-winning company, Wax Lyrical Productions, presents the world premiere of Nineteen, a dark comedy about four young men, Noah, George, Adam and Josh, living in a share house. From the outside they seem like fun, loveable larrikins but underneath the lurks something more sinister.

Book Reviews

  • Changing public spaces, making public places: women's contribution to our cities
    Inspired by her double heroines American urbanist Jane Jacobs, and Sydney Mayor Clover Moore, community activist and organiser Jane Jose pulls together stories of the leading lights of women working to make our cities more human.
  • A practical guide to women's leadership
    Not made welcome by the 'boys club' of her local Institute of Chartered Accountants training group in 1985, Denise Gibbons was not going to do as she was told when a male colleague said, 'You shouldn't be here.' This books charts a journey that every woman can follow.
  • Jean Harley Was Here
    Loss readjustment: the after-effects of love snatched too soon. How we remember, how we grieve, how we go on loving when death appear suddenly to grab a loved one. Jean Harley Was Here but now she no longer is. The story is in the connections between those she left and ripples that spill from the body on the road.