NSW mega-piggery plans get shut down and more Zedlines...

Controversial plans for a large scale piggery in southern New South Wales have been shut down amidst environmental concerns.

Regional New South Wales operation, Blantyre Farms, applied to build a new $12 million piggery with the capacity to hold 25,000 animals near Harden but Hilltops Council have formally rejected the application following a public forum where over 40 people spoke for and against the development.

Council administrator Wendy Tuckerman said she had no option but to reject it, and mentioned the council are not legally bound to continue with the plans because the general terms of agreement were not approved by state agencies.

2018 Commonwealth Games spectators will get the 5G experience

Spectators at next year’s Commonwealth Games will be the first to experience 5G mobile technology allowing them to watch events from multiple venues, share videos of their favourite events and track their friends from their mobile phones via a specially designed app.

Information technology giant Cisco announced on Friday they would be the information technology hardware sponsor for the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games meaning the Gold Coast Games would be the first to experiment with 5G technology, which is not predicted to be commercially available until the end of the decade.

Commonwealth Games head of technology, Mathew Peterson, said the 5G network will shape the customer experience at next year’s Commonwealth Games and the quality of that experience will be one of the legacy items of these Games.

Brisbane couple turn to Go Fund Me to help with hospital costs

A Brisbane couple have resorted to crowdfunding to cover hospital costs after their two-year-old daughter was diagnosed with Leukemia.

Andrew Woods and wife Kelly have relied heavily on donations generated through the GoFundMe website to cover the two-and-a-half year recovery process after losing a large portion of their monthly family income with wife Kelly unable to keep her part time job.

Director of Public Policy at Cancer Council Australia Paul Grogan said the help available through crowdfunding websites and social media is good but it reveals a crack in the Australian medical system that some families are falling through.

Mr Grogan said the Cancer Council is currently researching what cancer costs people, including loss of income, expensive medicines and treatments, insurance arrangements and basics such as parking and travel costs.

Rug up Sydney for the coldest weather in two years!

Sydney folks are being told to rug up ahead of what’s expected to be the coldest weather in two years over the weekend.

Temperatures are predicted to drop to as low as five degrees on Sunday - more than three degrees lower than the monthly average.

Jordan Notara from the Bureau of Meteorology said this will mark the lowest temperature since August 2015.

The chilly weather is being attributed to a series of fronts over Sydney, with one coming down on Saturday night, as well as a high pressure system and clear skies giving off a cool air.

European Commission calls for Poland to stop logging

The European Commission is calling for Poland to stop logging in the Bialowieza Forest and has called on Europe’s top court to step in.

Bialowieza Forest is the last remaining primeval forest in Europe, a conservation area and home to several endangered species, but that has not stopped the Polish government from ordering logging in the area to be increased three-fold.

The European Commission, which is the European Union’s executive branch, has rejected any explanations by Poland’s government, and is calling for the European Court of Justice to quickly ban the operation as it is worried irreparable damage has already been caused.

Republicans unveil Obamacare replacement

Republicans in the US senate have released the latest version of their health care bill which aims to replace Obamacare.

Known as the The Better Care Reconciliation Act, the legislation will retain the majority of the extensive cuts of past Republican attempts to repeal Obamacare, but will retain two Obamacare taxes on people earning more than 200,000 US dollars and add 45 billion dollars in funding to help deal with the country’s opioid epidemic and 70 billion dollars to cover medical fees not reimbursed by insurers.

Whilst the bill is an attempt to balance the wishes of both moderate and conservative Republicans, if only three Republicans vote against it, it will fail to pass - and two have already publicly stated they would oppose it.