70% of Mosul IDPs to return home

The Iraqi minister for immigration predicts that at least 70% of internally displaced persons from Mosul will be returning home by the end of this year.

Immigration minister Darbaz Mohammed says more than a quarter of the IDPs have already returned home, and is hopeful that there will be no more camps housing refugees by the end of the year. 

Mosul was declared liberated from ISIS this month, but Mohammed says they will consider it a victory when large numbers of refugees return home. 

Public Housing to cost $34 million

Over the past five years close to $34 million has been spent repairing Queensland public housing due to vandalism, damage and uncleanliness.

Damage to government housing included water damage, holes in walls, doors, floors, walls, ceilings and unapproved alterations.

Services are offered to evicted tenants to help reduce the risk of homelessness with RentConnect services, bond loans, and assistance finding rental housing. If evicted, a tenant can reapply however must agree to a behaviour standard for the care and maintenance of the property.

LNP opposition housing spokesman Stephen Bennett contends that the government is too “soft” on bad tenants and believes taxpayers should not need to pay for the repair of damage.


Prisoners and mental illness

A study released this month in the Medical Journal of Australia found that former Queensland prisoners required twice as much health care as those who hadn’t been incarcerated.

One thousand one hundred and ninety prisoners were interviewed two weeks before they were released and then tracked for a two year period after their release. The findings revealed that 44% of the prisoners had a mental illness while 67% had been diagnosed with a chronic illness.

The report suggested that better access to primary health care and culturally appropriate health care was required in order to improve inmates health.


Ice Addiction

According to new data released by the Department of Child Safety, a third of children put into care in the past year has been as a result of their parents’ admission to using ice.

Child Safety Minister Shannon Fentiman revealed the data as part of the new quarterly report over the weekend which demonstrated that a concerning trend from the previous year had persisted and worsened.

In the year to March, 782 children required protection as a consequence of one or both of their parents using methamphetamine compared to the 749 in the year to December 2016.

In response to the newly revealed figures, plans have been made to recruit a specialist ice advisor to offer targeted expert support and advice for Child Safety workers.


Prue MacSween under fire

Prue MacSween has come under fire after she made controversial comments about Sudanese- Australian engineer Yassmin Abdel-Mageid during her weekly appearance on Sydney radio station 2GB.

Macsween said she would have been tempted to run her over, after Mageid said she didn’t feel safe in her home country of Australia.

Ms MacSween's comments came after the former Australia Wide host told Buzzfeed UK she moved to London last month after finding Australia 'exhausting'.

Radio Host Chris Smith offered an on-air apology shortly after his discussion with Ms MacSween.


Macron calls for renewed Israeli-Palestenian negotiations

The French President is calling for the resumption peace talks between Israel and Palestine, and says France is prepared to apply diplomatic levers towards the renewed negotiations.

President Emmanuel Macron warns that continued Israeli settlement construction could threaten the negotiations and any future peace prospects, while at talks in Paris.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says Israel shares the same desire for peace in the Middle East, but he did not elaborate on future peace talks.