Promising Great Barrier Reef Research and more Zedlines...

Queensland research on wetland restoration is indicating promising results in the battle to protect the Great Barrier Reef from nutrient and sediment excess.

The research is supported by the Palaszczuk Government and has received more than $250 thousand in funding.

Initial results suggest wetlands can eradicate nitrogen from the water and that forested wetlands have higher carbon and nitrogen storage capacity in comparison to marshes.

The project will offer a framework for the restoration of wetlands, which play a vital role in blocking and managing pollutants that threaten the health of the reef.



EvacuateNow Vigil


Vigils will be held this Wednesday from 6-8pm in at least 12 cities Australia-wide to mark the 4th anniversary of the opening of the Manus Island Detention Centre.

A local vigil will be held at King George Square in Brisbane’s city whereby attendees will advocate for the men, women and children held in offshore detention centres who remain in immediate danger with nowhere safe to go, according to Refugee Action Collective (RAC).

RAC has made an urgent plea for the camps to be evacuated after ‘four years too many’ of detention for those seeking safety, who remain living in dangerous conditions.



National Allergy Strategy


National Allergy Strategy will today launch an innovative and free online food allergy training and education program for those working within the food services industry.

This comes as a response to the rapid increase in incidences of anaphylaxis, hospital admissions and fatalities due to food allergies Australia-wide.

Co-Chair of the National Allergy Strategy and Associate Professor Richard Loh explains that readily and widely accessible information is the key to halting the rising statistics as research reflects that most episodes of fatal anaphylaxis occurs outside of the home.

The new online training program has been developed in a bid to increase awareness, assist in implementing manageable safe guards and thus potentially save lives.



Fracking Report


A Northern Territory report on fracking has been released, which identifies a number of risks associated with the practice.

The inquiry was commissioned when the Northern Territory government took office last August, and an interim report run by a panel of experts said the use of surface water for shale gas operations, otherwise known as fracking, should be prohibited in arid areas.

The report also noted that most national parks, reserves, and areas of high conservation aren’t currently protected, and could be subject to petroleum exploration permit applications.




US house passes amendments to end US involvement in Yemen war


Over the weekend, the United States House of Representatives have approved two amendments to the National Defence authorisation act, which will effectively prohibit the US involvement in the Saudi-led war in Yemen.

The amendments would prohibit U.S refueling of Saudi and UAE warplanes bombing Yemen, and the deployment of U.S. troops to participation in Yemen’s civil war.

The Saudi-UAE war in Yemen has pushed Yemen to the brink of famine, and triggered the worst cholera outbreak in the world. is currently hosting a petition to have the Trump administration immediately comply with the House amendments.




Timor Leste Island threatened by large-scale tourist development


An island off the coast of Timor Leste is facing the threat of large scale developments recently released 2015 government plans reveal.

The small island of Atauro was the subject of a tourism project that would see the implementation of a transportation hub, dozens of jetties and 11 helipads. The project was designed to fund the transition of the island’s economy from gas and oil to predominantly tourism.

Timor Leste’s acting tourism minister Maria Isabel Ximenes says she was not aware of the plans and doesn’t believe they will go ahead. Instead Ximenes states that eco-tourism is the suitable way ahead for the island.