Council Making Millions from Littering Fines in the Valley and More Zedlines...

Over two thirds of all Brisbane littering fines issued last year were from the Fortitude Valley nightclub district, according to the latest figures. (Image source: Wikimedia Commons)

In total, these fines have made $1.5 million for Brisbane City Council, but the fines certainly aren’t great for punters.

Simon Turner from the Fortitude Valley Safe Night Out Precinct said people are being fined as much as $250 for dropping cigarette butts on the footpath.

Mr Turner also said the council were hiring police officers to work with ticket inspectors who targeted customers lined up outside of clubs.

Volunteer Lifeguard Return to Shore

Today marks the beginning of patrol season for volunteer lifeguards with Surf Life Saving Queensland, who will be watching us on beaches every weekend and public holiday during the warmer months.

The start of the season has been celebrated with a somewhat ceremonial raising of the red and yellow flags by minister for emergency services, Mark Ryan.

This patrol year is off to a positive start, with a recent announcement of a seventeen million dollar funding package for Surf Life Saving Queensland.

Beaches are expected to be busy in the coming weeks, as school holidays kick off.

Australia Ranks Lowest in First Aid Training

The Australian Red Cross reported Australia has the lowest rate in first-aid training across the world.

They said less than 5% of people in the country have training in how to handle an emergency situation and most injuries are caused at home, second to the workplace.

Red Cross spokesperson Amanda Lindsay said workplace offerings of first aid are low; some might encourage their staff to do first-aid training, but paying for first-aid training is something only 50% of Australian workplaces do.

Victorian School Girls to Win Right to Shorts

Education Minister James Merlino has vowed to win girls the right to wear shorts and pants to every state school in Victoria.

Across Australia momentum has been growing in order to stop restricting girls with skirts and dresses, as they make movement and exercise difficult.

A group of Australian parents behind Girls’ Uniform Agenda are pushing the uniform equality movement after a recent analysis of uniform policies at 100 Victorian schools found, one in four required girls to be wearing a skirt or dress.

Controversial Ad Takes Aim at UK

An ad from Britain’s Save The Children foundation has been released today, and is intended to make a strong statement on UK arms sales in Yemen.

Coinciding with one of the world’s largest arms fairs happening in London right now, the ad has the tagline: “made in Britain, dropped on children”.

This ad also comes as the Saudi-led coalition is being accused of war crimes by Human Rights Watch.

New Cybersecurity Laws to go to Zimbabwe Parliament

Members of Zimbabwe’s ruling party, led by Robert Mugabe, are looking to introduce a new cybersecurity law before the President’s next run for re-election.

The president of 30 years opened parliament today, doing so for the final time before his next run.

Not everyone is in support of a new cybersecurity law being introduced so close to an election, with human rights groups and the opposition party saying it will be a restriction to freedom of speech.