Olympic Committee refusing to endorse same sex marriage and more Zedlines

The Australian Olympic Committee is refusing to back same sex marriage in attempt to keep religious groups from being offended. (Image Source: Flickr)

Chief Executive Matt Carroll says there are two sides to this discussion and he is respecting both sides.

Until yesterday, the AOC had not commented on the rising social issue and even after the release of a statement to Fairfax media, there has been no commitment to a position.


Very high fire warnings for Queensland

High temperatures paired with gusty winds and low humidity have caused most of Queensland to be placed on high fire alert.

Conditions are worsened by this year’s earlier widespread vegetation growth which has since dried out and become fuel for fire.

The Bureau of Meteorology is today expecting an increase on yesterday’s very high or severe alert for about half of Queensland.


A second M1 would cost $65m a km

Opposition leader Tim Nicholls has launched a petition for a second M1 motorway.

The first stage of the second M1 would use an already preserved 36.5km corridor from Stapylton-Jacobs Well Road at Stapylton and Nerang-Broadbeach Road.

Despite Mr Nicholls citing a cost of just $500 million, The Department of Transport and Main Roads estimated the overall cost of the project to be at least $2.4 billion.


Thursday is National Nightmare Commute Day

Today has been labeled National Nightmare Commute Day, highlighting growing frustrations experienced by commuters in the outer suburbs.

In the last five years, the outer suburbs have contained 35% of Australia’s population but has only received 13% of infrastructure investment by the Federal Government.

Chair of the National Growth Areas Alliance, Glen Docherty is encouraging commuters to share their bad travel experiences and demand action.


Protest in France Against Macron

Tens of thousands of people have gathered in the streets of France in protest of President Emmanuel Macron’s new reforms to the labour code. .

The president plans to allow small business owners more freedom in negotiating working conditions with their employees rather than be subject to industry wide agreements in order to create more jobs.

These new law changes led to around four thousand strikes and one hundred and eighty protests led by rail workers, students and civil servants.


Singapore’s First Female President Causes Controversy

Former parliament speaker Halimah Yacob has been named Singapore’s first female president after it was decided by authorities her rivals did not meet criteria to run for president.

The other two contenders Salleh Marican and Farid Khan both have not led a company with a shareholder equity of at least five hundred million Singapore dollars, which cost them the ability to run for presidency.

Ms Yacob is expected to be sworn into office some time this week.