EU cuts funds to Turkey over 'deteriorating democracy'

Many EU member states openly condemn the Turkish Government's arrests of tens of thousands of people after a failed coup last year. 

The EU states that they will cut funding to Turkey in the wake of their deteriorating situation in relation to democracy. 

Both local and international human rights groups have accused Turkey of using the coup as an excuse for silencing political opposition within the country. 

Turkey is currently denying the accusations. 


QLD government looks for ways to remove dying Ibis colony.

The state government is looking for ways to remove an Ibis colony, as more than 200 birds have been found dead near a shopping centre in the past 2 months. 

A Queensland Health spokesman warned residents to stay away from the site, near Logan’s Hyperdome, saying the colony could transit diseases including salmonellosis [SAL-MON-ELL-OSIS].

Logan City councillor for the area, Darren Power, said council had sent contractors on to the site to remove eggs of the 4000-strong Ibis colony.


Activist Group hopes petition will save Mojgan from deportation.
The Freedom and Justice Choir Activist Group hope their petition of 115,000 signatures will be enough to save Iranian asylum seeker Mojgan Shamsalipoor.

Sharmsalipoor, an ex-Yeronga State High student who fled to Australia in 2002, is scheduled to be deported in December. 

The activist group will perform two songs outside Immigration Minister Peter Dutton’s Strathpine electorate office at 4:30pm on Tuesday, before handing over their petition.


 Australia affected by 'tradie crisis'.
Australia is facing a ‘Tradie crisis’, with the number of skilled labourers dropping to a record low. 

Reports show that the number of trade apprenticeships in Australia have dropped by nearly half since 2012. 

These figures stand despite the current youth unemployment crisis. 


Replacing NSW coal station could be cheaper than keeping it.
A new report has found that replacing a New South Wales based coal station with clean energy tech could be 1.3 billion dollars cheaper than extending it’s life.

The proposed solution would slash pollution, and comes on the back of a newly released report from Australian scientist stating that Australia has the potential to lead the world in renewable energy storage. 

The COAG Energy council meets in Hobart on Friday to discuss the federal government’s national energy guarantee, and the future of energy policy in Australia will be back on the table in parliament next week.


Turkish Capital bans all LGBTI events on security grounds.

Turkish Capital, Ankara, has banned all gay festival events on security grounds to protect public order and sensitivities.

The announcement is likely to increase concerns among gay activists in Turkey that their rights are being abridged by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan  and his Justice and Development Party.

Homosexuality is legal in Turkey but activists say homophobia is rampant and LGBTI people face stigma and discrimination.