Hunt for missing Argentinian Sub enters critical phase as oxygen supplies may be running out and more Zedlines...

The Hunt for missing Argentinian Submarine, the ARA San Juan, has entered a critical phase. Submerged, the sub only has enough oxygen to last 7 days without resurfacing.

The search for the sub has been ongoing since last wednesday, as more than a dozen international vessels join in helping locate the sub.

Among the missing crew members of the vessel is Argentina’s first female submarine officer.



Queensland Farmers and Graziers Among the Concerned Over Adani Mine

Central Queensland farmers and graziers have expressed renewed concern over proposed Adani mine’s impact on groundwater security in the Galilee Basin.

Bowen farmer Mr Couture says that despite widespread media reporting that the region is pro Adarni, a silent majority in the region are afraid to talk publicly about the issue for fear of upsetting their family and neighbours.

Bruce Hedditch from the Bowen Chamber of Commerce, who is publicly in favour of the jobs Adani has promised Central Queenslanders, expressed his concern that recent media reporting, comments and decisions made on the campaign trail could derail negotiation around the mine.



LNP Campaign Rules Out Cross River Rail

LNP leader Tim Nicholls has ruled out the possibility of a cross river rail if his party were to be elected.

An LNP government would instead ease congestion in South East Queensland by committing $30 million to the Brisbane City Council’s Brisbane Metro project.

Mr Nicholls said that he would not commit to the Cross River Rail as the LNP had yet see a full business case made out for the project.



Studies show refugee and migrant students less likely to find work after uni

New research shows that just 45 per cent of Australian university students born overseas will find full-time work after graduation in contrast to 69 per cent of Australian-born students find full-time employment upon graduating.

National Coordinator for Multicultural Youth Advocacy Network, Nadine Liddy says that several reason account for the discrepancy including racial discrimination, lack of understanding the job market, and lack of recognition of overseas skills and qualification.

Ms Liddy is concerned that these circumstances will continue to expose young people from refugee and migrant backgrounds to precarious and exploitative working conditions.



Studies show young Australians on low income or out of a job are Australia’s biggest gamblers

A new study conducted by the Australian Gambling Research Centre has found that an estimated 6.8 Million Australians are regular gamblers.

The report found that 7.9% of Australians had experienced problems with gambling addiction.

Lead Researcher, Dr Andrew Armstrong said that ‘people experiencing problems tended to be males between 18 and 29 who were unemployed, single, renting and had low incomes.’



China’s coal burning crackdown good news for struggling LNG producers

China’s crackdown on burning coal will assist LNG producers who have been struggling with chronically low prices.

With a lower carbon intensity and soot pollution level LNG is the logical and economic short term alternative for coal consumption following its restriction in 28 of China’s biggest cities.

The bans are expected to drive up import demand by 20 million tonnes this chinese winter, a 40 per cent increase on last year.