Archeologists discover communal grave on the Abrolhos Islands and more zedlines

Archeologists working in the Abrolhos Islands, off the coast of Western Australia, have discovered a 400-year-old mass grave. (Image source: Wikimedia Commons)

The grave is believed to contain the remains of those who survived the shipwreck of the Batavia, a Dutch East India Company ship which crashed on the Morning Reef in 1629.

Associate Professor, Daniel Franklin, who has been involved with the work, said that the remains will provide valuable new information about the events following the wreck of the Batavia.

The grave contained ten out of 282 of the shipwreck's survivors.

Greens outline QLD election balance of power demands

Banning cash-for-access meetings, scrapping the royalty holiday to Adani and $1 public transport fares are some of the Greens' seven demands if the party holds the balance of power in the Queensland Parliament following tomorrow’s election.

South Brisbane candidate, Amy MacMahon, said the Greens would make the demands if the party wins their anticipated three seats.

MacMahon said the party won't support the LNP and One Nation, but would likely work with Labor to agree on a progressive, stable, and effective government.

The seven demands are: banning corporate donations and cash-for-access meetings, ending the waiting list for social housing, ending support for Adani, establishing a public infrastructure bank, imposing value gains tax on property developers and more mining royalties, starting universal child care, and rolling out $1 public transport fares and high frequency buses.

School leavers’ message of grades, success and failure

A former Toowoomba school student’s reflection on low school grades and the pressure on school leavers has gone viral on social media.

Graduating as a year 12 student ten years ago, Cameron Stewart struggled in what he found to be a one-size-fits-all school system.

This week he posted a message of encouragement on Facebook to school leavers, who will receive their OP late next month and may find hope in his story.

He encouraged students to not give up on their dreams, and said their grades do not define them.

Bishop denies being source of cabinet leaks

Federal Minister for Foreign Affairs, Julie Bishop, has denied she was the source of any leaks in regards to the position of the Cabinet towards the Royal Commission into banking.

The leaks suggested there was a division within the Cabinet as to whether to go forward with the Royal Commission into the banking sector.

Ms Bishop said she will support a formal investigation into the source of these leaks, and has called it a ‘serious criminal offence’.

NASA discovery of water on Mars could be sand

“Liquid water has been found on Mars,” declared NASA in 2015, but new research suggests what they saw could be sand or dust.

At the time, scientists reasoned water must be present on the red planet to explain the dark streaks that appeared to ebb and flow with the seasons.

But, while there is water on Mars, the evidence suggesting larger volumes of liquid water is ambiguous.

In a paper published in Nature Geoscience, they claim a deep depression on the planet is inconsistent with models for water sources, and are identical to the slopes of sand dunes where movement is caused by dry granular flows.

Unexplained boom noises heard throughout the world

A series of as-yet unexplained banging and booming noises have been heard throughout the world over the last few months, with the latest occurring just last week in the US State of Alabama.

Up to 64 similar sounds have been reported around the world, in places such as Cairns, Wales and the Middle East.

There has been no confirmations about the source of these sounds, with no confirmed military exercises or earthquakes, or indications of large fires.