Hong Kong government vending machines to ditch small plastic water bottles...and more zedlines

Image source: Wikimedia Vending machines on government grounds in Hong Kong will stop selling water in bottles under one litre from February.

Announcing the plan on Thursday, the country’s environment minister says the administration is committed to setting a green example.

However the policy will not apply to any drinks other than water.

The policy, coming into effect on February 20, will cover all government-run sports complexes, performance venues, offices, urban parks, country parks, car parks, transport interchanges and ferry piers.

There are more than 1,130 vending machines set up at government venues across the city.

Remote Cape York town opens 24-hour domestic violence shelter

The community of Coen with a population of just over 400 has opened a dedicated 24-hour refuge to protect victims of domestic violence.

An extensive survey has revealed overcrowding in public housing and poor living conditions are the key contributing factors to domestic violence in the town.

Rhys Gardiner, the executive officer of the Coen Justice Group, which helps the community interact with the law, says that there has always been domestic violence problems in the town.

Mr Gardiner also criticised the Queensland Government for not doing enough about public housing in the town, saying that there is an immediate need for single housing for eight people in the town, and at least five or six two bedroom houses.

Fundraising for Special Olympics

The Caloundra Mallet Sports Club is giving back to two athletes who aim to achieve high at the 2018 Special Olympics.

The club will host a family fundraising day this Sunday at 10am to raise money for Anthony Boyd and Damien Hallam, who will compete in the sailing games, staged in Adelaide next April.

Caloundra Mallet Sports Club President Susan Bertram says the support for Boyd and Hallam in their endeavours was an easy choice.

The fundraiser will have something for everyone; there will be games such as mini-golf and bullseye.

The club is located at 18 Olm St, Caloundra QLD 4551.

Antarctic research facility receives new female head

Rebecca Jeffcoat has been named as the new ‘woman in charge’ at Casey station, Australia’s research base in Antarctica.

Casey station is located just outside the arctic circle at Vincennes Bay, and carries out environmental and wildlife research.

Roughly 150 researchers will pass through Casey during the summer months, but during the Winter there will be just 25 people stationed there.

A large part of Ms Jeffcoat’s job will include keeping up the community harmony during those winter months.

Labor’s push to examine Turnbull’s energy guarantee

Labor states will likely back further investigation of the Turnbull government’s national energy guarantee, with energy ministers meeting today.

The energy minister, Josh Frydenberg, wants states to back his preferred policy design work, a policy that would impose new reliability and emissions reduction guarantees on retailers and large energy users from 2020.

South Australian premier Jay Weatherhill declared his state was opposed to the policy in its current form.

He says in the process of trying to create a national energy policy, “the commonwealth shows bad faith” whenever states and territories show “good faith”.

Rwandan refuge offer for Libyan slaves

Rwanda has offered to accommodate refuge to an approximated 30,000 Africans in enslaved conditions in Libya.

The offer has been made in light of CNN’s recent video release of men being auctioned off as farm workers.

Rwanda Foreign Minister Louise Mushikiwabo (Moo-shee-KEE-wah-boh) says the country would find space, in spite of its small geographical area.

Mushikiwabo (Moo-shee-KEE-wah-boh) says that the Rwandan government was negotiating with the African Union (AU) Commission, to determine how to intervene and resettle them.