Health groups call for endometriosis education in schools and more Zedlines

A coalition of women’s health groups is urging the government to fund an education program about endometriosis.

Awareness of the debilitating disease is low, and many women endure years of pain before being diagnosed.

Dr Susan Evans from the Pelvic Pain Foundation says that education is the way forward to avoid future generations of girls and women suffering.

The coalition, consisting of groups such as EndoActive, the Pelvic Pain foundation, medical research groups, and universities, are also calling for a public awareness campaign and new clinical pathways for better diagnosis and treatment of endometriosis.


Compassion therapy for sexual abuse victims

A recent study has found that psychotherapy that encourages self-compassion, may help treat survivors of sexual abuse.

The study, which was done by researchers from The University of Queensland’s School of Psychology, looked at links between some of the issues associated with experiences of sexual abuse, with the underlying principles of compassion-focused therapy.

Adjunct Associate Professor Dr Stan Steindl at UQ’s School of Psychology says that compassion-focused therapy helps survivors deal with feelings of shame, self-criticism and self-blame.


Queensland LNG project to boost Australia’s export

Queensland’s Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) projects generated $2.5 billion in revenue in the last quarter, as LNG prices increase in line with oil.

The LNG industry is expected to generate an increase in Australian exports, pushing it to become Australia’s second most valuable export commodity after iron ore.

While the need for exporting LNG increases, Australia’s gas shortage still remains unresolved and EnergyQuest revealed the situation might persist.


Liberal MP proposes to partner in Parliament

Liberal MP Tim Wilson proposed to his partner Ryan Bolger during a same-sex marriage debate in parliament yesterday.

In an emotional speech, Wilson said that the same-sex marriage debate had been the soundtrack to his and Bolger’s relationship.

Bolger said yes, and the proposal has been recorded in Hansard.


Record-breaking nine-hour rainbow in Taiwan

A nine-hour rainbow followed a monsoon in Taiwan, shattering a previous record for the longest rainbow.

Professors and students of the Chinese Culture University in the Taipei’s Yangmingshan mountain range documented the rainbow in more than 10 000 images for evidence in their Guinness World Record application.

The rainbow lasted so long due to a seasonal north-east monsoon that trapped moisture in the air, combined with sunlight and a slow wind speed.

Although rainbows typically last less than an hour, the previous record for longest rainbow was six hours in Wetherby, England.


Honduran army enforce curfew after vote sparks violent protests

Honduran security forces fanned out on Saturday to enforce a curfew as violent protests continue over a contested presidential election.

At least three people have been killed, 20 injured and hundreds more arrested after the count from last Sunday’s election stalled without a clear winner.

Thousands of people took to the streets demanding a new president and calling for the week-long election debacle to come to an end.

The government declared the curfew on Friday, sending Honduran army and police forces to detain protestors and remove blockages of roads, bridges and public buildings.