Federal Government to spend $2.2 million to protect Great Barrier Reef and more Zedlines...

The Federal Government is set to contribute 2.2 million dollars towards large reef mixer fans as a trial run that hopes to reduce damage caused by coral bleaching.

The solar-powered rotators will be placed at Moore Reef off the coast of Cairns on floating pontoons that create currents drawing cooler water from the depths of the ocean to the top.


The three year pilot project will be combined with other interventions, including crown of thorns starfish control.




New species of now extinct Marsupial Lion discovered in Australia


Believed to be about the size of a Border Collie, scientists say they have discovered what is a now exctinct species of marsupial lion, thought to have lived around 18-26 million years ago.


The marsupial is estimated to weigh 26kg’s and has razor sharp teeth as well as grinding teeth, suggesting it lived on a diet of both live Animals such as possums and lizards as well as plant life.


The findings have been published in the Journal of Systematic Paleontology, and the new findings have pushed backed the speculated origins of the species roughly 10 millions years.




Two men trapped inside a tank
Emergency services are responding to an industrial accident in Auburn, West Sydney that has two men trapped inside a tank, injured.


An Ambulance spokesperson says freeing the men is expected to be an extended and protruded operation which could take three to four hours.


The men believed aged in their 30’s or 40’s are believed to be in a critical condition.




Grand Central Station evacuated


Grand Central Terminal in Manhattan is evacuated after two fires fill busy transport hubs with thick smoke.


85 firefighters were called to the scene where an electrical fire broke out in a supply closet.


Three people are reported to have sustained minor injuries following the detection of heavy smoke.




LA to legalise recreational marijuana

Los Angeles to legalise recreational marijuana after the city council voted to license sales next year.


After months of deliberation, it was approved on Wednesday with commercial sales and cultivation set to begin in less than a month.


Under the Los Angeles regulations, residential neighborhoods would be largely off-limits to pot businesses, and buffer zones would be set up around schools, libraries and parks.