Government to push ahead trial of cashless welfare card despite senate disapproval and more Zedlines...

The federal government are preparing for the release of a cashless welfare card despite attempts from the Greens and Labour to block it in the senate.

The card will be trialled in Western Australia’s Goldfields and Queensland's Bundaberg which is being backed by the senate Community Affairs Committee, however, further distribution is being stopped by the two parties.


The cashless card quarantines 80 per cent of an individual's welfare payments and prevents gambling and purchase of Alcohol.



Defence warns Oakey Residents on eating local produce for fear of contamination.


On wednesday night the Defence department held a meeting in Oakey, addressing a Defence report suggesting no toxic pollutants from firefighting foams used had now leeched into local groundwater.


A technical expert also warned against consuming any natural produce from land within the high contamination area.

An environmental report showed the chemical pollutant PFAS had been detected in groundwater as far as 4km away.



In bid to find ‘Super Coral’ researches have found a new species of coral in Far North QLD.


A team of some of the world’s best oceanic researches is claiming to have found a new species of Coral on the Great Barrier Reef.

Director of Great Barrier Reef Legacy, John Rumney, stated that the primary objective of the trip was to discover so called ‘Super Corals’ which may have survived bleaching events.


Over the course of the expedition the team counted up to 181 species of living coral, at a location which is being kep secret for conservation reasons.



Vladimir Putin to run in re-election next year.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is set to run in a re-election next March with contest opinion polls showing he is set to win.


Winning this election will make this his fourth presidential term and taking his dominance of Russia’s political landscape into a third decade and eligible to serve for another six years.


Mr Putin has been in power since 2000, as either President or Prime Minister.



The Iter nuclear fusion project passing key milestones on the way to completion


The international project has suffered a number of setbacks on the way to completion, giving tentative hope for project finalisation in 2025.


The initiative to bring nuclear power into the energy fold is backed by major economies including the EU, United States, China, India, Korea and Russia.


Despite being the subject of many research projects since the 1940’s, fusion is yet to work in controllable conditions at a scale which would be effective.