Queensland Greens claim an historic victory in Maiwar and more Zedlines...

The Queensland Greens claim what is an historic victory in the West Brisbane seat of Maiwar, after more than a week of counting.

The Greens candidate, Michael Berkman is set to claim victory today as party officials are confident with the flow of preferences that the seat is won, currently sitting 1300 votes in front.


Labor candidate Ali King has refused to rule out a win until the final count has been processed.


In National news...



Same sex marriage bill set to pass today.


Same sex marriage could be legal by the end of the day today with the Federal Government close to final vote.


Conservative MPs will introduce amendments in an attempt at increased religious protection however, they are expected to fail.


The legislation is already clear that religious ministers will have the right to refuse to marry a same sex couple if same-sex marriage is contrary to their religious beliefs or the beliefs of their church.



Clive Palmer complies with court imposed deadline


Clive Palmer has handed over financial documents for his company Mineralogy, complying with a court imposed deadline.


Meeting the deadline means liquidators FTI consulting are expected to abandon threats to have Mr Palmer held in contempt of court for stalling their investigation.


Palmer says he is living a private life now and can’t comment on the situation.



In International news...



Climate Experts have warned worst-case warming scenarios are the most accurate.


A new study has suggested that current Climate models have severely underestimated the speed and severity of climate change around the world. Climate models are extremely complex, and as a result there is disagreement on how to properly model the Climate Report.


Results from the study suggest that the Paris Climate Agreement, setting a warming target of 2 degrees, may be overly ambitious.


Experts have also warned that there is need for caution when predicting such complex phenomena as climate change, and more lines of evidence must be considered before jumping to conclusions.


Time Magazine names #MeToo as 2017 “Person” of the year.


Time Magazine has named the social movement #MeToo (hashtag me too) as the most influential “person” of 2017.


The movement was aimed at raising awareness about sexual harassment and assault and began with individual acts of courage by hundreds of women and some men who came forward to tell their own stories.


Time editor in chief Edward Felsenthal told NBC’s Today program it was the fastest-moving social change we’ve seen in decades, referring to the women behind the movement as “silence breakers”.