Former New Zealand PM criticises treatment of Manus Island refugees and more zedlines

Former New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clarke has criticised Australia’s treatment of refugees detained on Manus Island, and says ‘humanity’ needs to be shown by allowing her country to resettle some of the refugees.

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has repeatedly declined New Zealand’s offer to resettle one-hundred-and-fifty out of the six-hundred refugees currently held in detention centres on the Papua New Guinean island.

Ms Clarke says that during her time serving as PM, New Zealand was able to successfully resettle many refugees in 2001.


Labor wins Townsville, giving the party 48 seats

Labor has claimed a win in Townsville, giving the party forty-eight seats in the Queensland Parliament.

Labor won the electorate by two-hundred-and-fourteen votes, now incumbent Labor MP, Scott Stewart said in his victory speech.

Either party needs forty-seven seats to form a majority government, and the win in Townsville gives Labor a comfortable lead of forty-eight.


Rogue tyremil operator ordered to pay steep bill

A rogue tyre recycling operator has been ordered to pay a forty-thousand dollar clean-up bill.

Tony Di Carlo operates the Rocklea business, where on the twenty-seventh of January a stockpile of tyres ignited. Local businesses were forced to close their windows for fear of inhaling the toxic smoke.

Mr Di Carlo has a history of environmental breaches and making threats.

He says he will sue the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection for issuing him the bill.


Native title granted in Western Australia

Justice Michael Barker yesterday handed down a determination recognising exclusive and non-exclusive native title rights to the Gingirana people in Western Australia.

This determination recognises the right of possession, occupation and use to the exclusion of all others, as well as non-exclusive rights over pastoral leases.

The area in question is approximately twelve-thousand-one-hundred-and-fifty-four square kilometres, located at the western perimeter of the Little Sandy Desert.

The Gingirana people originally filed their native title claim in May 2003.


Tasmania’s Christmas Foodbank running low

The Tasmanian division of Foodbank, a charity dedicated to delivering groceries to those in need, is experiencing a seven-year low in food donations.

The charity distributes grocery items weekly, and normally makes up about five-thousand Christmas hampers.

Chief executive Edward Gauden has attributed the shortage to fewer donations from large interstate producers, as well as the ABC’s War on Waste program making people more waste-conscious.  

To make a donation to Foodbank, go to and click on the 10 am news bulletin.


Mystery buyer of Leonardo da Vinci work is a Saudi Prince

A Saudi prince has spent 450.3 million dollars on a Leonardo da Vinci portrait of Jesus Christ at a New York auction last month.

Da Vinci’s Salvator Mundi is currently the most expensive painting ever to be sold, purchased by Prince Bader Abdullah bin Mohammed bin Farhan al-Saud.

Bader is said to be a friend and associate of Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman.