Same-sex couples can marry as early as January 9 and more Zedlines...

Following the passing of the same-sex marriage bill yesterday, gay and lesbian couples will be able to get married as early as January 9. Image source: Wikipedia.

Attorney-General George Brandis, who signed the bill into law this morning, says the public galleries erupted with cheers and singing, the moment ‘unforgettable’.


Same-sex couples can lodge their one-month notice of intention to marry tomorrow, Saturday 9 December.


Couples who chose to marry overseas will have their marriages officially recognised from midnight tonight.


Tim Nicholls just conceded the state election


Tim Nicholls has conceded defeat after pressure to concede the state election with Labor looking certain to form a majority government.


As Labor was leading with a two seat majority, LNP leader Tim Nicholls was reluctant to concede defeat and allow Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk to form government.


Ms Palaszczuk is yet to claim victory as it is usual convention for the opposition to concede first.


Mountain bike industry hoping to boom tourism dollars

The mountain bike and state government is hoping to draw in more than bike enthusiasts to the industry, by scoping out trails in small towns damaged by the mining and timber industries.


World Trail, a bike company which specialises in constructing mountain bike trails, recently credited the small Tasmanian town of Derby and its forests' trails to drawing in an estimated 30,000 bike enthusiasts to the region per year.


Trails and Operations manager of Mountain Bike Australia, Denise Cox, says phenomenal growth in the sport’s industry is being reflected in the swell of new trail projects in regional and rural areas.


Australian regional towns struggle to find social workers to support domestic abuse victims

Australian regional communities find it difficult to attract domestic violence support workers, leaving these jobs to local residents.


This means that many family abuse counsellors personally know both perpetrator and victim, and may put workers in unsafe and uncomfortable situations.


According to Rape and Domestic Violence Services Australia, regional domestic violence rates are 150 percent higher than those in urban locations.


China urges calm as North Korea warns of imminent war

North Korea says war is ‘an established fact’ as the United States and South Korea plan to go ahead with their annual war-games.


China has called for calm as Russia offers to facilitate talks with North Korea. Chinese foreign ministry spokesman, Geng Shuang, says they hope all parties can remain calm and take steps to alleviate tensions.


Washington says it remains open to talks if North Korea is serious about giving up its nuclear ambitions.


Judge orders arrest of former Argentine President for bomb cover up

A judge has ordered the arrest of former Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner for the covering up of Iranian involvement in a 1994 bombing which killed 85 people at a Jewish community centre.


The Mutual Israeli-Argentine Association (AMIA), a Jewish community centre, was blown up by the Iranian movement, Hezbollah.


Judge Carlos Bonadio ordered that Kirchner, who served as prime minister from 2007-2015, be placed in detention and stripped of judicial immunity.