Ozone interview with David Blythe from RED ASTER – New Single Release ‘CAGE’


                           RED ASTER

        “CAGE” Single Release – 7 November, 2017


Following up the success of their debut single release ‘Seven Years’ earlier this year, rock duo Red Aster released their second single ‘CAGE’.  Pushing the dark theme further, this track’s slower pace and contrasting vocal tones is a heady take on the desire to reject conformity in our lives.


Vocals from Karen Rosenberg are both resolute and haunting, while David Blythe’s dark, crunchy guitar pulls the listener into the black hole. The result is a full, loud, and mesmerising track that somehow retains the spatial tones that makes up Red Aster’s unique sound.


The duo’s influences such as PJ Harvey and Adalita put them firmly into ‘Alternative’ territory. “CAGE” is an uncompromising and bold second single and makes a statement about Red Aster’s direction.


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