Sabrina Lawrie: Hush The Mountain

- Brisbane based singer-songwriter Sabrina Lawrie has been performing in her own and other bands for many years, and released some initial, solo songs in 2015. Her debut solo album, Hush The Mountain, has been a while coming - not least due to her having to overcome the challenge of literally breaking her back in a major accident a year ago when she was in the final stages of completing it.

Her long involvement working in and for the local Brisbane music scene, in a variety of capacities, meant that many artists, along with Support Act Limited, the charity for Australian musicians in need, helped out, assisting Sabrina deal with the financial and other hurdles caused by that accident.
How much impact these major challenges and all the extra time they consumed had on the final version of the album, probably only Sabrina Lawrie herself can say, but one thing is certain – this record is definitely one out of the top drawer.

The variety and richness within and across the nine tracks certainly have the feel of something that has been developed, crafted and matured over time. The album is the second release by the fledgling Pig City Records label. It was produced with the help of Screamfeeder’s Darek Mudge, with the majority of the instruments on the album played by Lawrie herself, accompanied by her powerful, emotive and varied vocals. Be on the lookout though, for any chance to catch her always powerful live performances, accompanied by her band, The Hunting Party. Getting a hold of this album and letting the tunes on it take hold of you will make the live experience all the better, too.

Some artists are described as genre defying, but Sabrina Lawrie is just at home in a large number of different genres – very good at all them. A song that brings to mind someone like PJ Harvey sits alongside another with echoes of Dead Can Dance. Powerful, solid hard rock tunes mix comfortably with something with the rawer, sparser feel of a Patti Smith song; and there’s a twangy ballad and some solid driving pop tunes too.

This makes it very hard to single out any one song. They are all good and all different. The initial single and opening track, No Rules, is probably an apt description of Sabrina Lawrie’s approach to her own music. Have a listen to the latest single from it- a tune called Shine the Light; that might be my favourite. It's undoubtedly the case, however, that every song from Hush the Mountain is worth shining a light on.

- Andrew Bartlett.

Album Details

Album Title: Hush The Mountain
Artist: Sabrina Lawrie
Record Label: (Pig City)