Ben Mitchell

“Calls to mind the songsmithery of Neil Finn and Ben Harper—a thoughtful songwriter with a gift for simple melodies and powerful emotion.” TIME OUT (UK).

Ben Mitchell is an indie-folk/indie-pop-rock and alt-country-blues troubadour from Melbourne, Australia. Each of the 17 tracks on Chance To Love (2015, independent), and each of the 14 tracks on Summer Lover (2016, Beautiful Mess Records) received radio play across Australia, with spins in UK and Ireland too.

London’s Get Rhythm Magazine wrote Mitchell is, “A powerful performer with bags of stage presence and memorable songs.” Americana UK reviewed Mitchell’s ‘The Stars Can See’ saying “His song-writing skills put him in a league above.”

In June 2016 Mitchell achieved a Number 1 on the AMRAP Regional charts with a solo acoustic recording of his indie music anthem, ‘Keep Community Radio’.  Most recently the video for Summer Lover’s lead single, Ocean Road, was picked up by Foxtel’s Country Music Channel. 


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First time you ever listened to 4ZZZ

  • First time I listened to 4ZZZ was probably in 2008, travelling through Brisbane on an east-coast road-trip.

First time you were ever played on 4ZZZ

  • First time I was played on 4ZZZ was in June of 2015, when Girls Can Tell played Chance To Love.

First gig you ever played

  • First gig I ever played was with my high school band at a retirement village. I was on trumpet. Rock n’ roll!!

Funniest on-stage f##k up

  • Funniest on stage fuck up was when I invested in a wireless guitar rig, so I could move freely on stage. The first time I used it, I was so excited I jumped from the drum riser over my marshall amp, entangling my legs in leads and bringing the amp and wireless guitar receiver rig crashing down. All style.

If you could play with one band/muso (dead or alive) in the 4ZZZ carpark who +why

  • If I could play with one muso in the 4ZZZ carpark I think I’d choose John Lennon because he was intense, and impassioned in his beliefs but he still had a sense of humour. I reckon he would make the most of any situation.

What is the kewlest/ most definitive feature of  your group/ musical project

  • Not sure what the most definitive feature of my musical project is, maybe my optimism in the face of our impending death? With some catchy hooks hopefully.

If you were to turn out your pockets at the end of a tour, what is the most common thing you would find?

  • If I turned out my pockets at the end of a tour the most common thing I’d find is plectrums. Guitar picks fit nicely in that little extra pocket most jeans have. It’s surprising how many can fit too.

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