The Dreamkillers are a rock outfit from Brisbane Australia. In 1991 the Australian music press coined a phrase for them that is still used today. They are the original metal punks. The Dreamkillers busted their way onto the Aussie underground scene in 1990 via the merging of two local Brisbane punk outfits; ‘Mystery of Sixes’ and ‘Insane Hombres’. The name Dreamkillers came after a conversation regarding the 1957 William S. Burroughs classic The Red Planet, where he refers to the ‘dream killers’. The Dreamkillers' music was often aggressive and humorous, and live shows were frenetic with displays of full frontal nudity from Jobson a frequent feature. Disillusioned with the inferior commercial offerings of the time, Dreamkillers soon channelled this angst into a raunchy punk-inspired, hard rock / heavy-metal tour-de-force that became their trademark sound. With the help of agent, visual artist and manager Paul Curtis, Dreamkillers were instantly successful with their debut EP ‘Poison in the Soup’. A favourite staple of non-commercial radio, Dreamkillers found their music feature in the charts and also saw their single "Sarah" on a compilation album from popular radio station Triple J. Whilst Dreamkillers may have not gained the widespread acclaim for their rare blend of music, their prowess in blowing crowds away was marked by headlining opening act for some of the biggest international groups at the time including Fugazi, Misfits, Fishbone, Richie Ramone, GBH, Sepultura, L.7, Body Count, The Damned, and Rollins Band. Four albums, 3 EPs and two singles would precede the Dreamkillers to their last album aptly named ‘Character Building Helltrip’. Despite being signed to Roadrunner Records, it would be this album that would see the demise of Dreamkillers in their original form. Much like the narrative of one of their songs, ‘Fight On’, despite years of publishing dramas in 2006 Les Jobson reignited the flame in the form of ‘Jobson's Dreamkillers’. A swarm of internet interest has since propelled the band into many gigs and Aussie tours. Several line-up changes have since occurred with only Jobson remaining before the band consolidated yet again to record the album ‘Now Look What Happened’ in 2016. The band continues to tour and open for international acts.


 Current line-up

Les Jobson: Vocals founder member

Zoob : Bass [ Since 2013 ]

Matt Harrison: Guitars [2017- current]

Andrew Fitzeses: Drums: [2017-current]



Poison In The Soup (EP - 1992)

Fairgrounds For Insanity (EP - 1993)

Carnival Of Skin (EP - 1993)

Scorched Earth Policy (Album - 1995)

Character Building Hell Trip (Album - 1998)

Poison Carnival (Album - 1999)

The Dark Years (Album – 2009)

Pockets Of Water (EP - 2010)

I’m Not Fuk’n Sorry (Compilation Album – 2011)

Scratching At The Windows (Compilation Album – 2011)

Now Look What Happened (Album - 2016)

Bad Juju-EP -2018