Regular Gonzales

Starting out as a rockabilly four-piece and taking their name from an obscure Futurama reference, Regular Gonzales have been jamming and gigging since 2011. After releasing an album, an EP and a vocalist, they are cranking up the distortion, stretching their neck muscles and working on taking over the world, predominantly by playing a gig once a month or so and posting memes. The album WAR WERE DECLARED was released on March 31st and is available from Earth and Earth's primitive "internet" system which has not yet gained sentience.



"desert doom vibes from Every Time I Die, the mathematical genius of Botch and even our own Totally Unicorn, had the weight behind that is given to us by Superheaven, hits you in the face with the force of a Kvelertak record, and layered with vocals á la Red Fang"
- Too Fat To Skate Zine


"Three piece as FUCK"
- Jamie Swanson


"Just a really great metalcore record"
Matthew, Your Brother's Speaker, 4ZZZ