Saint 4300

Musical pseudonym of Jordan Vasiliou. Playing music you want to show your friends since 1997.

First time you ever listened to 4ZZZ?

I was in grade 12... was the ultimate mix of shock and pure happiness hearing so many wacky tunes on the RADIO! been obsessed ever since

First time you were ever played on 4ZZZ?

Just a few months ago! i was working at a pizza place doing deliveries and a song of my band dangerpenny's came on, was so bloody rad.

First gig you ever played?

Grade 9, 5 years ago. at the music kafe in west end (RIP)

Funniest on-stage f##k up?

I was 11 years old playing drums in my school talent show. Midway through the song, the beater from the kick pedal fell out so i couldnt make any noise. Trying to explain to my peers that it wasn't my fault and I'm not a terrible drummer was pretty difficult lmao

If you could play with one band/muso (dead or alive) in the 4ZZZ carpark who +why?

I think the saints would be the only logical answer... brisbane as hell!

What is the kewlest/ most definitive feature of  your group/ musical project?

Tough one to answer hey, would just say that its the fact i play all the instruments in recordings.

If you were to turn out your pockets at the end of a tour, what is the most common thing you would find?

Not money, that's for sure