Accommodation Notices

Welcome to the 4ZZZ Accommodation Notices. This is where you can find somewhere to live or advertise a room for others to rent, potentially like-minded people with obviously great taste in music and radio station.

This page also has information to help you deal with the world of renting. If you have any questions on dealing with rentals, property managers, the RTA, going to QCAT, understanding the Residential Tenancies ACT, your lease, your rights under the ACT, you can email the Accommodations Notices team -

You need to be a 4ZZZ subscriber to submit an Accommodation Available post here, but anyone is welcome to reply to them via the Accommodation Wanted form.

Accommodation Available:

***NEW ACCOMMODATION*** - Moorooka:  This property is the bottom level of a duplex Its is spacious and on a nice street. This would be ideal for students or young professionals. Amazing light and ventilation fill the property and you would be sharing with a film graduate. Rent: $200/week + $800 Bond. To view the property or to apply please contact: The Home Show team on:

Available Now - Kooralbyn Valley: Scenic Rim That's out Past Beaudesert... There are two rooms available Now one small room enough space for maybe only a double bed and the other is Room Big enough for a king size bed. All room's have in Built-In Wardrobes and the house has a big deck down one side of the whole house. House has Air con Plus a Fireplace. Small bedroom only $150 per week including bill's the other room is $165 per week including bill's. To view the property or to apply please contact: The Home Show team on:

Available to move in NOW - Norman Park: Furnished room close to transport. There’s street parking. And a small amount of storage underneath the house. I love gardening and mowing so I’ll cover that unless it’s particularly someone else’s passion and we can share it. Need someone reliable and friendly. Rent: $370 per week and a $740 up front that covers 3 weeks rent at the beginning.  IE: First payment of $1110 due on/before arrival. Rent needs to be paid a week in advance from then. To view the property or to apply please contact: The Home Show team on:

Available to move in NOW - Indooroopilly: Half a house on a big leafy block. Close to local shops and easy access to Western Freeway Bikeway. Share with one other (Female). 2 bedrooms available, can negotiate on how we share the space. House is unfurnished. Couple welcome, but would divide the rent between 3 instead. Looking for someone stable and interested in gardening and sharing upkeep of this older house. Bills shared on top of rent. Internet would need to be connected. RENT: $285/week BOND: $1040  To view the property or to apply please contact: The Home Show team on:

Available to move in NOW - West End: It is a room in a house. Suit working person,  Fav Z shows Z - Goo, Brown Couch. One sport crazed 15yr old daughter lives downstairs, one 84 year old mother lives downstairs, one active Z listening man lives upstairs opposite the spare room. We grow frogs. We try and grow food. I sleep early and get up early. RENT: Negotiable BOND: depends on rent  To view the property or to apply please contact: The Home Show team on:

If you would like to know more about an advertised property, then either complete the accommodation wanted form and advise the reference for that accommodation and we will put you in touch directly with the contact for that property or send us an email:

Want to advertise potential accommodation, then complete the accommodation available form and we will get your listing up on the web page ASAP and hopefully assist you in filling that accommodation ASAP.

CLICK HERE if wanting to submit available accommodation


Seeking accommodation:

CLICK HERE if looking for accommodation


Important Information (for those seeking accommodation):

What to ask for/see:

1. Is the property through a real estate agent or is it a private agreement directly with the landlord? Have they been made aware of the potential household/lease change?

2. How is the landlord/real estate to deal with? And, completing maintenance? Does stuff get repaired or are you waiting months?

3. Find out if you are to officially go on the lease (so will you be a leaseholder whose name goes on the bond) or an approved occupant (not on the lease nor on the bond – no responsibility).

4. Ask to see the lease. Is it a periodic or a fixed term lease? If it is a fixed term, when is the end date? Is there a future rent increase coming up?

5. Is there a current ‘Notice to Leave’ or ‘Notice of Intention to leave’, in place?

6. Are there charges from the agency for the change of bond contributors/name on lease? If so, who is paying this charge? This can be anywhere from $80 - $160 - depending on the agency.

7. How is rent paid? Does one person pay for the household and everyone pays their share to them? Are there charges for paying rent from the real estate? If so, what is the no-charge rent payment option?

8. Ask to see a tenant ledger – you do not want to be responsible for someone else’s rent arrears

9. What services are included in the rent ie: water usage, internet, gardening etc.

10.  Ask to see the original Entry Condition Report, especially the photos. Make sure that someone from the household's name is on the original entry report. Make sure there is no new damage since the original report, if so, ascertain responsibility, especially if in the room you will be renting.

11.  Ascertain household responsibilities for: cleaning, lawns/gardens, pool, household rules etc.

12.  Make sure the household movements are going to work for you. i.e. if you are a night worker who needs peace and quiet to sleep through the day make sure it’s not a household full of people during the days working at home for a noisy call center.


Important Information (those seeking housemates):

What to ask your potential housemate:

1. You are welcome to ask for references, especially rental references, or ledgers from previous tenancies

2. 4ZZZ sub number, if they don’t have one then please ask “WHY NOT!!!”

3. How are you supporting your rent payments? i.e. working, student, unemployed

4. Have you lived in a sharehouse before (Living with your parents really doesn’t count!)

5. What are their expectations of the household?


Share Housing - what to be aware of:

Please understand when you are living in a share house situation your lease is seen as one whole, not a group of individuals as it may actually be. This is due to how the Queensland Residential Tenancy Act is written. So QCAT (Queensland Civil & Administrative Tribunal), the RTA (Residential Tenancies Authority), the Landlord and Real Estate agents see you as one tenancy so whatever happens within that tenancy, all tenants on the lease and on the bond are seen as equally responsible not as separate individual entities, as you actually are.

So things can get tough for you all when there are disagreements between tenants within the household as there is nothing under the ACT that will protect you as individuals under your lease agreement. If you call the RTA advising of a dispute between yourself and one or more of your household they will advise they do not get involved with individual tenants disputes and would tell you to get legal advice and direct you to fill out a form for tenant disputes and go straight to QCAT. Things can get very difficult if you cannot resolve things amicably.

A major pitfall constantly seen in share households is when there have been numerous changes of tenants within the one individual lease. It can get to the point that the names now on a lease can be completely different to the names on the first lease when the tenancy started.

The danger here is if a previous tenant has created major damage that no one ever fixed, that tenant moves out and has their name removed from the lease and bond – they now have no responsibility to that house or tenancy at all, and any damage caused by that vacated tenant now falls on to the remaining tenants/leaseholders. And when the tenancy finally completes those tenants at the end of the tenancy are completely responsible for all and any damage at the property whether caused by them or not.

PLEASE NOTE: a good real estate/property manager or landlord will not allow this to happen, by ensuring that, if there is going to be no original person from the original lease/Entry Condition Report living at the property, then they should put a stop to the entire tenancy and everyone needs to move out – this is to stop the potential opportunity that someone who wasn’t living there at the time wears all the damage costs etc. Which in turn would ruin their rental history as this would show on future tenant ledgers and referencing.


Helpful organisations

If you are having troubles finding accommodation, or issues with a current tenancy the following organisations may be able to assist with your current situation:

Youth Housing Project - YHP:  246 Sandgate Rd Albion QLD 4010 Phone: 07 3256 0241 Email:

Department of Housing & Public

Queensland Residential Tenancies Authority (RTA) - Phone: 1300 366 311

Queensland Youth Housing Coalition Inc: Email: SMS / Text Message: 0460 410 612

Homeless Persons Information Queensland:

Home for Good: Phone: (07) 3036 4444   Ground Floor, 162 Boundary Street, West End 4101  Email:

Tenants Queensland:  Phone: 1300 744 263  Level 1/87 Wickham Terrace, Spring Hill 4000