Hi there, prospective community radio hit maker. Congratulations on making the fantastic decision to submit your music to the 4ZZZ Music Department for airplay. Before you embark on this form, please consider the following. 

  1. 4ZZZ does not run on playlists. When you submit music here, our music department will consider it for processing and inclusion it in our digital library for all of our announcers to access when they are programming their shows. If you would like to service your music directly to an announcer, check out our schedule here.
  2. Please read the instructions carefully. The most important thing here is that we can actually download your music, so any submissions that link us to a non-downloadable stream will not be accepted. 

If you have any questions or issues with the form, please submit your feedback in the section at the end of the form. 

Submit your music now! 

4ZZZ Album of the Week

4ZZZ is all about connecting and amplifying the voices of our local communities, each week we feature an Australian release as our Album of the Week. You could already be on our radar, but if you would like to make doubly sure you can submit your release (can be an EP or album) to be considered for 4ZZZ's AOTW through the link below.

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