Atone this April and give yourself over to the station you love.

April Atonement is upon us! This is the subscriber campaign where we invite you to join the 4ZZZ coven. Your support will mean we can continue giving local artists a platform to be heard, marginalised voices the opportunity to tell it like it is, and celebrate the weird and wonderful of this enchanting city.

This campaign is about forgiveness. This month is where we let non-subscribers off the hook, provided there is atonement for those sins with a subscription to 4ZZZ. It's also when we welcome back lapsed subscribers and encourage the April Atonees of past years to renew.

We know we don't need to spell it out for you, but there are some amazing prizes if you subscribe this month. They've been donated by legends like the Brisbane Writers Festival, Dendy Cinemas, Felons Brewing Co, Urban Climb, Nura Headphones, The Zoo, Airlock Studios and Art From The Margins so scroll on for more details.

As well as those sweeteners, every subscription comes with a warm inner glow guarantee, the power to request songs on-air, special deals at our Sub Discount Outlets, and the chance to win on-air subscriber giveaways.

Join the 4ZZZ coven today - subscribe here