Boxing Beyond Barriers

Thursday, December 23, 2021
by Zedlines Contributor

Boxing. You might think boxing is a sport that’s only about punching and knocking out your opponent in the ring and offers nothing more than entertainment. Well, Gareth Williams a former professional boxer and owner of The Boxing Shop in Salisbury, Brisbane proves that thinking is wrong. 

Through a mentorship program he established - known as Boxing Beyond Barriers - Gareth uses boxing as a way of transforming disengaged and troubled youths lives around in South East Queensland schools. 

4zzz’s Toni Pankaluic interviewed Gareth Williams and learnt about his mentorship work as well as understanding the true values of boxing. 

For more information:

If you (or a school) would like to get involved with the 'Boxing Beyond Barriers' program visit the website. You can also follow Gareth and his gym - The Boxing Shop - on InstagramFacebook and Youtube, where you can also see the latest happenings in his gym, his fighters’ latest amateur/professional fights, Boxing Beyond Barriers content and more.

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