Cassowaries the Formidable Giant of Queensland's Wet Tropics

Monday, January 2, 2023
by Toni Pankaluic

Cassowaries… gentle giant of the Wet Tropics rainforest.  

How are they faring with human encroachment on their habitat? How do we live with them?

4ZZZ’s Eliot Rifkin spoke with Liz Gallie - president of the Mission Beach Cassowaries on all things cassowaries.

For a deep dive…

Visit Mission Beach Cassowaries for an aggregate of all kinds of relevant Southern Cassowary info and follow them on Facebook. The Australian Museum's Southern Cassowary page is also a good source on getting a primer on this magnificent bird. Check out the IUCN Red Listing for the Southern Cassowary. The International Union for Conservation of Nature’s Red List of Threatened Species (IUCN Red Listing) is a critical indicator of the health of the world’s biodiversity. The IUCN Red Listing is far more than a list of species and their status, it's a powerful tool used to inform and catalyse action for biodiversity conservation and policy change. 

The Cassowary Recovery Team is a group of organisations working together to implement the Recovery Plan for the Southern Cassowary and ‘protect cassowaries, habitats and corridors from threats through better planning, monitoring and community involvement'.

Literally get your hands dirty by volunteering to revegetate rainforest habitat for cassowaries in Mission Beach with the Brettacorp non-profit.

...and finally, sign the petition to Oppose the Mission Beach Helicopter Facility which will further degrade the established rainforest corridors and tranquility of the cassowaries' environment.

Toni Pankaluic

Toni Pankaluic is a Journalist and contributor to Brisbane Line