Finding Boo boo: the Community Search for an Unforgotten Feline

Tuesday, February 21, 2023
by Catherine Strohfeldt

Around the middle of last year, a beloved cat, Boo boo, was lost in the Taringa area, dozens of kilometers away from her home in Stafford Heights. Her owner, Juanita Groves, was overseas at the time recovering from major surgery.

However, soon an expansive search was born, amassing at its peak a following of over 500 community members in a dedicated Facebook  page, and culminating in Boo boos recovery in early February this year. 4ZZZ Journalist Catherine Strohfeldt spoke with Juanita about her experience looking for Boo boo and the massive community support she mustered.

Catherine Strohfeldt

Catherine Strohfeldt is a Journalist and Contributor on Brisbane Line