International Orangutan Day - All About Our Cousins

Saturday, August 19, 2023
by Toni Pankaluic

Did you know… it was traditionally believed, that the Orangutans could talk but chose not to, as a sign of their high intelligence… as they were afraid that they might be enslaved and put to work?

August 19th is International Orangutan day and it’s time for you to meet our cousins.

4ZZZ's Eliot Rifkin chatted about ‘All Things Orangutan’ with Leif Cocks the founder of The Orangutan Project.

For a deep dive...

You can read about Leif here as well as go to The Orangutan Project website for more info. The Orangutan Project can be followed on social media: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. There are many ways to help Orangutans - Orangutan Adoption Program, sponsoring the protection of a rainforest, donating to support The Orangutan Project and even Adventure Tourism.

Leif is the author of the books: Orangutans and their Battle for Survival (2002) and Orangutans My Cousins, My Friends - A journey to understand and save the person of the forest (2016). If you like a copy visit here.

Learn about ʻHow to Observeʻ as well as the International Oragutan Day history. Watch the doco - "Meet our Cousins - Orangutan Conservation Around the Globe" hosted by Orangutan Outreach or visit the Orangutan Outreach YouTube channel, Orangutan Outreach Facebook page  and their Twitter feeds. They’ll talk about ‘All Things Orangutan’, and welcome special guests, as well as screen EXCLUSIVE footage from the Orangutan Jungle School – including their beloved Big Boy Beni.

Toni Pankaluic

Toni Pankaluic is a Journalist and contributor to Brisbane Line