Market Economics & Systems Thinking

Friday, March 10, 2023
by Toni Pankaluic

Ever wanted to understand the nature of how our economy works or wondered why is it so complicated? Or perhaps you have come across 'The Zeitgeist' film series and wanted to meet the maker behind the series? Now is your chance! 4ZZZ's intrepid reporter, Anita Diamond interviewed Peter Joseph, who is the creator behind 'The Zeitgeist' film series and is also an author and activist. 

For a deep dive...

Here is Peter Joseph's personal website and here is where you can find information about the Zeitgeist film series. As mentioned during the interview, you can learn more about Systems Thinking here. Peter has also written a book called 'The New Human Rights Movement', which is available at participating book stores.

Toni Pankaluic

Toni Pankaluic is a Journalist and contributor to Brisbane Line