Our Ekka's history and how the showbag came to be

Sunday, September 10, 2023
by Toni Pankaluic

Another Ekka has entered the history books. Do you know much about our Ekka's history and how the showbag came to be?

...Or how this 100+ year agricultural show has evolved and where its heading in the future?

Joining 4ZZZʻs Eliot Rifkin and Toni Pankaluic to chat about all things Ekka is  Brendan Christou RNA Chief Executive from the Ekka.

For a deep dive...

Want to participate in competitions, volunteer or become a member at the Ekka, check out the website. Planning for next year's event? You can find accommodation here.

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Toni Pankaluic

Toni Pankaluic is a Journalist and contributor to Brisbane Line