Unintended Owl Poisoning

Sunday, August 27, 2023
by Toni Pankaluic

Have you ever heard scratching noises at night in your home? or come across small, dark brown droppings? Eek… now you’ve seen a rat scurrying across your roof! So, you put out some rat poison.  Well, owls and other animals may be unintended victims of your poison.

4ZZZ’s Eliot Rifkin chatted with Stefan Hattingh, an Environmental Officer about how to handle rodent eradication responsibly without killing owls.

for a deep dive...

Add your voice to Birdlife Australia’s open letter to Minister Murray Watt, to help get dangerous Second-generation Anticoagulant Rodenticides regulated properly in Australia. These rodenticide poisons are sold at supermarkets and you can find out just how potent they are here.

Here’s an article on Secondary Poisoning Risks from Rodenticides. Australia has 11 owl species, owls are raptors characterised by flat faces, large forward-facing eyes, sharp talons and beaks, upright stances and often circles of feathers under their eyes. Here’s an introduction to our owls and some more info specifically on the Powerful Owl.

Toni Pankaluic

Toni Pankaluic is a Journalist and contributor to Brisbane Line