No Lights No Lycra Brisbane and 4ZZZ presents 'Run The World Special Edition 4ZZZ's Woman's Week'

Perhaps you've toyed with the idea of Zumba classes but felt you may not have the coordination to make it look as good as it seems on the infomercials...? If this is you, then “No Lights No Lycra” is the event you’ve been waiting for.  WHAT IS 'No Lights No Lycra'?  A concept born in Melbourne and since gone global - there is no light, no teacher, no steps to learn, no technique or coordination required, there’s just kickass tunes and a space for a bunch of people to indulge in free movement.  We hold events every Tuesday night from 7-8pm at the Colossus Reception Lounge, 71 Jane Street, West End, Brisbane. Help us cover our rent for $5 apiece and we’ll supply you with cheesy beats (Brittany meets Deee-Lite meets Busta Rhymes) and positive vibes.  Feel free to recommend tunes from your blue light disco days, or just tunes you know will get the interior of your bones to shiver with dee-lite.