Ballzzz in the Air

Chris Converse & Anthony the Accountant


9:00 AM - 10:00 AM

A satirical and irreverent conversation about the week’s back pages. We cover the local - and sometimes less local - world of sports, sportspeople, personalities, and events.


03 June, 2023

Qld Teamzzz in the crisp air of victory

This week on Ballzzz in the Air we had some guest coaches on hand to help keep our team focussed on the game.

Tamuri and Girra from Brian Kerle Basketball Academy dropped by to have a chat about Basketball coaching, and to run through a few exciting upcoming events.

As is always the case, we had a multi-faceted gameplan ready to roll. From basketball, Chris and Anthony showed some deft footwork as they quickly moved to rugby league, football, and curling. What a play – but wait – was there a question over the music played?

It was sent upstairs for review, and the Kids With Class Kicking Arse bunker confirmed that some banging tunes had in fact been played!  

If you want to conduct your very own review of this week’s Ballzzz in the Air musical selections were, check out our play list below!

Arrested Development SoundtrackBalls in the Air
Mind Dragz BodyDo It For CliffLOCAL
Pete Cullen & The HurtRugba LeagueLOCAL
The F1-ElevensArcherfield SpeedwayLOCAL