Anita & Owen


9:00 PM - 10:00 PM

ShoeGraZZZe is your weekly indulgent degustation of artisanally created, locally and regionally (& internationally) sourced, organically crafted, boutique and small-batch beats that any discerning gourmand of shoegaze,  dream pop, chill-wave and nu-gaze will devour. Spiced with new releases, peppered with special surprises, sprinkled with single-origins  … we aim to leave every listener feeling full, but wanting seconds.

Contact through email or the socials and remember 4zzz subscribers can also make song requests!

FaceBook: @shoegrazzze 
Twitter: @shoegrazzze 
Instagram: @shoegrazzze 

PS. Artwork by Anita featuring the pedal circle used by Toni (AKA Tonstar Le Ru) - Coalfalls.

PPs. Many thanks to wonderful Brisbane surfgazers, The Double Happiness,  for permitting us to use their 'Oysters Can Dream' track for the ShoeGraZZZe sting!



23 March, 2023

wierd. Infinite Decay
rev rev revCaffe
Un. RealBlue Garden
Archie SagersGold Again
Alex KelmanVHS (feat. Secrets Of The Third Planet)
The BacklashLoosen Up
Mt NadirMe and YouLOCAL
Mother CultureFall on My Face AUS
Flyying ColoursGoodbye to MusicAUS
Locust RevivalGood GriefLOCAL
Lunar DirtFirst LandingLOCAL
Doggie HeavenHaricutLOCAL
Tralala Blip Facing Monsters AUS