Vivienne Coburn


12:00 AM - 2:00 AM

Spookzzz is an eclectic late-night program that dives into the macabre side of Australian history & the quirky tales that keep Brisbane weird. If you're a fan of urban legends, local history and murder mysteries, tune in and listen to Spookzzz every Thursday (midnight-2am) to get a glimpse at the historical heart of Brisbane. 


26 May, 2022


It's the last show. Tell your mum to tune in (and that we said hi)


Green DayJesus of Suburbia/City of the Damned/I Don't Care/Dearly Beloved/Tales of Another Broken Home 12:00:44
Camp CopeThe OpenerAUS 12:37:43
Hilltop HoodsI'm A Ghost AUS 12:41:53
SemanticsGet In The CarLOCAL 12:46:16
ALLORATalk2U2NiteLOCAL 01:25:58
Stella DonnellyBeware Of The Dogs AUS 01:29:33
Thelma Plum These DaysLOCAL 01:33:05
Courtney BarnettBefore You Gotta Go AUS 01:51:29