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Talking Zeds features a different 4ZZZ announcer week to week. The key words are: community, interest, variety.

23 May, 2024

Celebrating National Volunteer Week

In recognition of National Volunteer Week, this week's presenter Andrew Bartlett chats with a range of people who volunteer at 4ZZZ - from brand new ones to long-standing ones, as well as a couple of our volunteer newsreaders - about how and why they came to be volunteering at 4ZZZ, what sort of things they do, what other volunteering they've done and how they have found it all.

Thanks to Joe, Ben, Pen, Ben, Kate, Hannah and Salty for agreeing to chat on-air.

The GoldheartsHere's the ThingLOCAL 10:04:00
The GlycereensJane StreetLOCAL 10:06:00
Texas TeaAA Hundred Million YearsLOCAL 10:13:00
The Gin ClubOn a MountainLOCAL 10:17:00
SETBadman 10:20:00
Asha JeffriesGolden HourLOCAL 10:35:00
Full Flower Moon BandIllegal ThingsLOCAL
Carb on CarbI Know the End
Raging FlowersProcrastination
Tia GostelowTaking My TimeLOCAL
Heaven 17(we don't need that) Fascist Groove Thang 11:35:00
Suicide Country HourI Want YouLOCAL 11:41:00
Neil Young and Crazy HorsePowderrfinger 11:45:00
Cream Sunshine of Your Love 11:55:00