The Guardian

Tessa Bobir


8:00 PM - 9:00 PM

23 February, 2024

Time for Rest

A chill show this week listening to some beautiful tracks, where ever you're listening rember to prioritze your rest, you cannot pour from an empty cup, Put the weight of the wolrd down, its not yours to carry. 

Thanks for tuning in.


Alexis StarBreakthroughLOCAL
Alexis StarI can BreatheLOCAL
Alexia StarBe MoreLOCAL
Alexis StarStart with LoveLOCAL
Alexis StarFocusLOCAL
Alexis StarAll KnowingLOCAL
Alexis StarLetting GoLOCAL
Alexis StarLove is the only wayLOCAL
Alexis StarSungazingLOCAL
Alexis StarWelcome to ParadiseLOCAL
East of WestMoving HomeLOCAL
LamisiPalestine peace not Apartheid