Alphabet Soup

Linda Dark


7:00 AM - 9:00 AM

Tune in each week to hear our letter-of-the-week! Each show is based on one letter of the alphabet and we will only play songs and/or artists beginning with the chosen letter! Covering the best new alternative music, the cream of the local artist crop, and all the classics!

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30 November, 2023

The X, Y, Z Show!

Pop Will Eat ItselfX, y & ZeeWise Up Suckers 07:02:00
ClownsZEROS AND ONESEndlessAUS 07:11:00
Ouch My FaceYour Head Is My HatEndlessAUS 07:14:00
F.U.C. (Forests Under Construction)You CantEverythinkLOCAL 07:17:00
XGoing CrazyAUS 07:21:00
Perve EndingsYou're Not On My MindBetter Than I Have BeenLOCAL 07:30:00
CityPissYou Don't Have To Be AlonePiss With YouLOCAL 07:33:00
Zoë Fox and the Rocket ClocksWarrior PrincessWarrior Princess (Single)AUS 07:38:30
The Stepping StonesYou’re Gonna Miss MeSongs From The GarageLOCAL 07:41:30
ZeahorseToranaTorana Dreamin'AUS 07:54:00
Julliette And The LicksYou're Speaking My Language 07:57:30
BilliamZippaCorner TacticsAUS 08:05:00
The MissingYou Want More Than You AreYou Want More Than You Are/Planet Of The ApesLOCAL 08:07:00
HatersYoung OnesYoung Ones (Single)LOCAL 08:08:50
MOD CONX-RayModern ConditionAUS 08:11:00
Yothu YindiGapirri - StingrayAUS 08:15:40
The Nam Shub Of EnkiFreeQY DeeQYDUNNING KRUGERLOCAL 08:26:30
Monster Zoku Onsomb!XYLOPHOBIAEarth EatersLOCAL 08:30:30
Charlie Needs BracesYanooSaltwater PeopleAUS 08:33:30
ZzadeHollywood EndingHollywood Ending (Single)LOCAL 08:37:00
Painters & DockersYou're Going Home In The Back Of A Divi VanAUS 08:47:30
Yeah Yeah YeahsY ControlFever To Tell 08:50:50
TISMYobYob (Single)AUS 08:56:30