Alphabet Soup

Linda Dark


7:00 AM - 9:00 AM

Tune in each week to hear our letter-of-the-week! Each show is based on one letter of the alphabet and we will only play songs and/or artists beginning with the chosen letter! Covering the best new alternative music, the cream of the local artist crop, and all the classics!

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11 April, 2024

The P&Q Show!

E-40 / TraetworthreeP's & Q's 07:02:00
PRINKBabyPrescious CargoLOCAL 07:08:30
Bob VylanPretty SongsBob Vylan Presents The Price Of Life 07:09:55
The Peep TempelBig FishAUS 07:12:40
Piss ShiversRed StripePiss ShiversLOCAL 07:16:15
MetdogParanoid at the CheckoutDemos 3AUS 07:18:35
BughuntPlaying With The Colour In My Eyes (a toast to evil)Demos 3AUS 07:28:05
WireheadsPersistent ResistancePotentially VenusAUS 07:30:40
PusciferQueen B 07:33:45
GlitorisPower PopGlitorisAUS 07:38:15
DrahlaPyramid EstateUseless Coordinates 07:54:50
Private WivesDrownBad TasteAUS 07:56:40
Full Flower Moon BandPowerDiesel ForeverLOCAL 08:04:40
Party DozenBalanceThe Real WorkAUS 08:07:30
ProtomartyrWaitConsolation 08:10:55
MosspawPassion PondPasssion Pond (Single)LOCAL 08:13:25
Electric Prawns 2I Need I.T.Hot WheelsLOCAL 08:24:25
TapdogPuntersTapdog LiveAUS 08:27:15
The UkrainiansKoroleva Ne Pomerla (The Queen is Dead)Vorony 08:30:40
Judas PriestBreaking the Law 08:35:50
HightimeQuit Ya JobQuit Ya Job (Single)LOCAL 08:44:35
Party of OneBaby DollCaught in the Blast 08:46:00
Undead ApesPluto's Not A Planet AnymoreLandfillLOCAL 08:51:30
The QueersSee You Later FuckfacePleasant Screams 08:53:15
PunktiliousInstagram ProtesterInstagram Protester (Single)LOCAL 08:56:35