Alphabet Soup

Linda Dark


7:00 AM - 9:00 AM

Tune in each week to hear our letter-of-the-week! Each show is based on one letter of the alphabet and we will only play songs and/or artists beginning with the chosen letter! Covering the best new alternative music, the cream of the local artist crop, and all the classics!

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25 May, 2023

The Letter S Show

PortisheadSOSSOS (Single) 07:02:00
BabaganoujStay Up For MeJumbo PetsLOCAL 07:09:00
Hope DSenselessClash of the SubstanceLOCAL 07:12:00
Adele And The ChandeliersSouvenirs Of My MindSouvenirs Of My Mind (Single)LOCAL 07:16:00
Girl and GirlStrangersDivorceLOCAL 07:19:00
SnorkelSearchingThe La La Land SessionsLOCAL 07:28:00
SELVESomebody's Watching MeSomebody's Watching Me/Ghostbusters (Double Single)LOCAL 07:31:00
SlowripInternetInternet (Single)LOCAL 07:34:00
Southern Culture on the SkidsCamel WalkDirt Track Date 07:37:00
JonesezSheep StationsBetty's SoupAUS 07:53:00
The Screaming TribesmenDate With A VampyreLOCAL 07:56:00
Charlie Needs BracesSaltwater PeopleSaltwater PeopleAUS 08:04:00
Cuckoo CocoSTD (Theatrics)N.M.F.K.LOCAL 08:07:00
Sleaford ModsSo TrendyUK Grim 08:11:00
L7ShitlistBricks Are Heavy 08:15:00
MoretonSmokeThe Dog YearsLOCAL 08:23:00
Sex Shop BoyzBCN CreaturesEP (Enlarged Penis)LOCAL 08:28:00
Gut HealthShut DownElectric Party Chrome GirlAUS 08:31:00
The Ting TingsShut Up And Let Me GoWe Started Nothing 08:35:00
SquareSpinning RoundIntroducingLOCAL 08:44:00
SkeggsBush TVRehearsalAUS 08:48:00
Stiff Little FingersGate 49Go For It 08:50:00
Radium DollsShameAll Doll'd UpLOCAL 08:53:00
CityPissShamePiss Be With YouLOCAL 08:57:00