Alphabet Soup

Linda Dark & Reuben Aptroot


7:00 AM - 9:00 AM

Tune in each week to hear our letter-of-the-week! Each show is based on one letter of the alphabet and we will only play songs and/or artists beginning with the chosen letter! Covering the best new alternative music, the cream of the local artist crop, and all the classics!

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02 February, 2023

The Letter A Show!

Tune-YardsABC 123 I can feel you creep into my private life 07:01:00
The Frowning CloudsAll Night LongGospel Sounds & More From The Church of ScientologyAUS 07:13:00
ArugulaStrangeStrange (Single)LOCAL 07:16:00
Adele And The ChandeliersUp There For ThinkingUp There For Thinking (Single)LOCAL 07:21:00
Doggie HeavenAfter DarkAfter Dark (Single)LOCAL 07:25:00
AutomaticTurn AwayExcess 07:41:00
ASHEAngry WomanAngry Woman (Single) 07:44:00
Teen Jesus and the Jean TeasersAHHHH!Pretty Good For A Girl BandAUS 07:47:00
Amyl and The SniffersHertzComfort to MeAUS 07:58:00
ARSEGo HardGo Hard (Single)AUS 08:04:00
Alien NosejobMouldy DoughStained GlassAUS 08:07:00
MouseAnyone In ThereHere Was Then LOCAL 08:10:00
Denis LearyAsshole 08:14:00
DustyAnxietyGlitter (EP)LOCAL 08:28:00
DIALAll Is KnownLive at Black Bear LodgeLOCAL 08:31:00
Frenzal RhombAlvarezSmoko at the Pet Food FactoryAUS 08:36:00
AampirellasDon't Want You NomoreSnatching Defeat From The Jaws of VictoryLOCAL 08:38:00
Pill TestingAlter StormPill SongLOCAL 08:46:00
slutwycheAPATHETICAPATHETIC (Single)LOCAL 08:51:00
CityPissAll I can bePiss With YouLOCAL 08:56:00