Amor Negro

Paulo da Costa


9:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Amor Negro is a cultural and alternative movement with the intention to explorer regional songs on a thematic playlist. 

Amor Negro is on 4ZZZ Digital on Tuesdays at 9pm AED.





29 June, 2021

Here We Go Again ⚕️

Due to the new updates where half of the Aussie population are on lockdown today, Amor Negro reinforces the importance of following restrictions provided by the Government and World Health Organization (WHO) to maintain the community safe. Besides, Paulo describes his experience after taking his first COVID-19 shot. A multicultural playlist is going to lift everyone’s mood.

If you are based in Queensland and interested in getting vaccinated, click on the link below ⬇️

World Health Organization -



OmegaSi Te Vas / Que Tengo Que Hacer 09:06:14
Ai Qing Steven Liu Liu Wen Zheng 09:10:17
Sabrina Feat. Joss StoneGrenada 09:14:00
Zeca PagodinhoSamba Pras Mocas 09:19:15
Frontera Rouge 09:31:28
Cut CopySending in The Middle of The Field 09:37:41
Seu JorgeTive Razao 09:43:05
Miriam MakebaPula Kgosi Seretse 09:57:43