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Hacklock & Liz Witt


4:00 PM - 6:00 PM

A weekly show looking at Brisbane's visual art culture, with a focus on outsider art, lowbrow and those emerging. Hacklock and Liz will be talking to artists, curators, event organisers and people who connect creatives with clients. Our regular segments cover - art to see and do around town, opportunities for local artists and creatives, and music with a visual art connection - the art themed track of the week

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30 September, 2023

QuanUmami MasterLOCAL 04:06:52
The AvalanchesWe Will Always Love You (feat. Blood Orange)AUS 04:09:38
RAAVE TAPESGoodbye (Single)AUS 04:12:27
Car Seat HeadrestCute Thing 04:23:34
VOIIDFree KittenLOCAL 04:29:40
Later DazeI Don't CareLOCAL 04:41:53
Fleetwood MacThe Chain 04:45:53
bentGrowing UpLOCAL 04:50:14
snug.Domestic Bliss (Single)LOCAL 04:53:16
CarpoolJustifyLOCAL 04:56:24
The Rockefeller FrequencySomething Stupid I Want (Single)LOCAL 05:10:36
Ghost MuttGhost Mutt - Dance Now [Girl and Girl]LOCAL 05:14:25
Platonic SexWhen I Come Home, I'll Find A Hill To Die OnLOCAL 05:19:19
Magic City CounterpointMagic City Counterpoint - Bluey Theme Tune [Joff Bush]LOCAL 05:26:17
MitskiBug Like an Angel 05:30:06
Huck HastingsThe ClincherAUS 05:33:56
underscoresDuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 05:37:48
True BlueI Wanna Believe 05:41:55
SookTurn It All AroundLOCAL 05:49:25
Girl and GirlAll I SeeLOCAL 05:56:28