Polly Cooke


10:00 PM - 12:00 AM

Polly does ASMR for sleep and relaxation with semi-regular guest Liz Witt. Everyone has a cute time.


13 July, 2024

Soft spoken and whispered ASMR for sleep and relaxation, including water noises, reading of games reviews, Brisbane Reclink Community Cup 2017 player roundup, and a recipe for pumpkin juice, followed by soft piano music.

PollyIntro (It's My Sixth Day feat. Coco)LOCAL 10:00:00
PollyBrisbane Reclink Community Cup Player Roundup (2017)LOCAL 10:07:51
PollyReminisces About 2017 Comm Cup (Quarter Time Tactical Spew)LOCAL 10:24:57
PollyReads Somewhat Poor Game Reviews from Nintendo Magazine (DEC 2009)LOCAL 10:27:09
PollyRecipes: Pumpkin Juice and Bread Crusts (Should We Make This For Real? I Reckon Maybe)LOCAL 10:46:06
PollyWater Noises (I Hope You've Already Emptied Your Bladder)LOCAL 10:53:52
PollyBubbling Water (Cat Water Fountain)LOCAL 10:56:47
CocoIs Thirsty (Slurp Slurp)LOCAL 11:01:24
PollyFilling Water Bottles (Different Shapes, Sizes and Materials)LOCAL 11:02:37
PollyPouring Water (Into a Glass)LOCAL 11:15:40
PollyPouring Water (Into a Sink)LOCAL 11:16:21
PollyWashing Water (Dishwasher)LOCAL 11:17:18
PollyHeating Water (Kettle)LOCAL 11:20:19
PollyHeating Water (Stove)LOCAL 11:21:45
PollySpritzing Water (Spray Bottle)LOCAL 11:25:07
PollyShowering Water (Microphone Safe and Dry [Mostly])LOCAL 11:27:56
PollyShowering Water (Microphone in Shower Cap)LOCAL 11:32:45
PollyShowering Water (Microphone Under Bowl)LOCAL 11:39:37
PollyDripping Water (Fast to Slow)LOCAL 11:41:40
PollyGently Noodles on Piano (With Showering Water Accompaniment)LOCAL 11:43:34
YouAre Asleep (Hopefully) 11:59:59