Ballzzz in the Air

Chris Converse & Anthony the Accountant


9:00 AM - 10:00 AM

A satirical and irreverent conversation about the week’s back pages. We cover the local - and sometimes less local - world of sports, sportspeople, personalities, and events.


24 February, 2024

Ballzz on the Starting Blocks

We may have commenced (as usual) with the stirring strains of the Ballzzz in the Air theme song rather than a starter’s pistol, but we leapt from the starting blocks like a pair of star sprinters… okay, okay, we trundled on like a pair of sports fans… gee, tough crowd!

4ZZZ’s flagship sports show quickly reached premium pace when we were joined by Australia’s fastest woman over 100m – the amazing record-breaking Torrie Lewis. No surprise that Torrie quickly brought us up to speed on the world of sprinting and her own exploits in that sphere.

As Torrie took the top step on the BITA podium, Chris and Anthony had no time to squabble over the remaining two steps – there was cricket, football (of the round-ball variety), wheelchair rugby league, and curling on the menu. This great sporting feast was finished off with our celebrated sports gig guide dessert.

As ever is the case, sports was not the only thing on our menu this week. We had some smoking hot hand-picked melodies for your listening pleasure. If you loved them all (and who would not?), but cannot remember which one got your legs pumping down that 100m track, you can review our musical Assortment below:

Arrested Development SoundtrackBalls in the Air
Iggy & The StoogesYou Better Run
Hooper CrescentWrong DirectionLOCAL
The Black MarketIf You Call Out My NameLOCAL
Dumb ThingsInstant CoffeeLOCAL