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A satirical and irreverent conversation about the week’s back pages. We cover the local - and sometimes less local - world of sports, sportspeople, personalities, and events.


23 September, 2023

Pupperzzz in the Air

The Ballzzz in the Air Marketing and Social Media team pointed out that one cannot teach old dogs new tricks, nor will dogged determination always get attention. They did not need to add “especially with ‘Ruff’ heads like you pair have”, but these publicity folks can be brutal. “Puppies get clicks” they said… So we shamelessly took a photo of our “Cadet Sports Newshound” Reggie for this week’s social media posts.

Cute is fine – but it won’t get you far without a bit of substance to back it up. Chris and Anthony know this. Do you see them relying on their boyish good looks? Okay – stop that sniggering… and who said “Good heads for radio”?

The substance this morning was far from a dog’s breakfast. We had cricket, Aussie Rules, Rugby League, Football, and Speedway action roasted over a slow flame and served on a coulis of fresh local music, drizzled liberally with the type of banter that you will find nowhere else.

And talk about going straight to the source of speedway knowledge – this morning Speedway George called in for a chat!

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