Ian & Traci


10:00 PM - 12:00 AM

Blunt ​with Ian & Traci & sometimes CJ late fridaze.  Tune in, drop out & end your week on a high. Sharp sounds, Blunt tunes.




29 September, 2023

TISMThe Back Upon Which Jezza JumpedAUS 10:00:00
Calvin Weston Wanna Wanna
Delivery Floored 10:13:00
Gut HealthThe RecipeAUS
MugConnection AUS 10:19:00
AgenderDamaged Girls 10:24:00
Nice Biscuit Space Dogs LOCAL 10:27:00
The Far Outs Bad News For You LOCAL 10:31:00
The Reverend Horton HeatI Could Get Used To It 10:33:00
RVGNothing Really Changes AUS 10:36:00
Baxter Dury Crashes 10:40:00
Blunted Stylus The Afro Source LOCAL 10:43:00
Mythologen Trust 10:46:00
Audio Active Basspace 10:53:00
Sextile Contortion 10:59:00
DevoMongoloid 11:07:00
OseesIntercepeted Message 11:10:00
RegurgitatorLike It Like ThatLOCAL 11:14:00
Digger & The PussycatsComing To Get YouAUS 11:09:00
Sheep On Drugs Motorbike 11:21:00
MenajerieHolding Pattern LOCAL 10:32:00
Rolling Stones Sweet Sounds Of Heaven 11:36:00
Coloured Stone Dancing In The Moonlight AUS 11:42:00
The Seven Ups PatternsAUS 11:47:00
The Winston Giles Orchestra Making Sense Out Of LivesAUS 11:50:00
JJ Cale After Midnight 11:56:00