Brighten the Corners

Ian & Adele


3:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Illuminating your afternoon with a dash of post-punk irreverence and a mix of mostly new releases from Brisbane and Australian acts.

20 September, 2022

Full Flower Moon BandWaitingLOCAL
Andrew Gurruwiwi BandGatjumakAUS
Arthur RussellCorn
The Double HappinessWarregoLOCAL
De La SoulLet, Let Me In
The ChurchThe HypnogogueAUS
100%New AllLOCAL
Blank RealmBack To The FloodLOCAL
Bean MagazineOdd PeopleLOCAL
King StingrayRaypirriAUS
Marlon WilliamsPrinces Boy
Urban Dance SquadDeeper Shade Of Soul
Terra PinesHarp OnLOCAL
Mick Medew and Ursula77 TimesLOCAL
Pill TestingFeverLOCAL
Sacred HeartsPromised LandLOCAL
The Frowning CloudsAll Night LongAUS
Mess EsqueLiminal SpaceLOCAL
ShrapnelAnother YearAUS
Julia JacklinIgnore TendernessAUS
PavementThe Hexx
BlancmangeReduced Voltage
The TramsFortune Never SmilesLOCAL
Girl and GirlStrangersLOCAL
Renovator's DelightGumwrappers and LintLOCAL
The ChillsLook For The Good In Others
Cong JosieMargarita (Simona Castricum Mix)AUS
Cate Le BonRemembering Me
Warumpi BandMy Island HomeAUS
The PrizeFighting My Way BackAUS
Air WavesThe Dance
The FallEat Y'self Fitter
Cool SoundsLike ThatAUS
dameeeelaThe Shake Up feat. TjakaLOCAL