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27 May, 2023

Story #1 - Stolen Generations support gains momentum: report (Prod: Eduardo Jordan)
Eduardo Jordan sits down with Christine Rhazi from First Australia Programs Associate Director from Caritas Australia on the 25th anniversary of the Brining them home report to talk about the legacy of the landmark report into the stolen generation

Story #2 - Social housing is basic to end the housing crisis (Prod: Rebecca Wotzko)
The debate on social housing continues on in Federal parliament this week as the Government and crossbench debate measures to provide more affordable housing measures.  Rebecca Wotzko from the wire has this report

Story #3 - GP’s will leave Regional Australia – Anne Ruston (Prod: Roderick Chambers)
Rural healthcare services in Australia have been struggling for many years, but following the inital waves of COVID-19 the divides have only been highlighted.  Roderic Chambers from the wire reports.

Story #4 - Calling sexism and discrimination in the music industry (Prod: Netta Finney)
Following the Raise your voices report into sexual harassment and discrimination in the music industry from last year, progress is being made to address the proble, especially in regional communities.  Netta Finney from the wire has more.


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