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24 September, 2022

Today's lineup looks at eco-tourism in Cooloola National Park where First Nations people on the troubled Fraser-Hervey Bay coast are concerned about the QLD governments' attempted developments - is it another attempt at greenwashing? Was the murder of JFK part of a larger plot? Is Paul McCartney really dead? Dominic Giles enlisted the help of an expert to unpack the reason people are drawn to conspiracy theories and how to activate your critical thinking. A new Alzheimer's report has highlighted the importance of post-diagnosis care, and Iranian women are protesting against 'morality police'.

1. Eco-Tourism is on the nose in Cooloola National Park where people can visit the Coloured Sands and a wreck like the Cherry Venture or the SS Maheno whilst on the way to Rainbow beach. First nations people on the troubled Fraser – Harvey Bay coast are concerned about the developments the Queensland Government of Annastacia Palaszczuk are pushing through in the name of tourism. They say the proposed ‘eco’ cabins are an attempt to commercialise nature. Brooke Jeffs spoke with Dr Ali Chauvanet and Greg Wood.

*Ants - The Whats
*Another Day - JB Paterson

2. Conspiracy theories are common place on the internet, you may know someone who believes in a conspiracy and refutes any attempt to be reasoned with. We enlist an expert to help us understand why people are so drawn to conspiracy theories and how to help people activate their critical thinking. Dominic Giles and Mattew Marques bring you this story.

* Continental Breakfast - Courtney Barnett and Kurt Vile
* That's What You Get - Tia Gostelow

3. A new report released this week by Alzheimer’s Disease International looks at the importance of post-diagnosis care for patients. Highlighting the many different treatment options available for Alzheimer’s patients, the focus on support and care enforces that diagnosis is not always the end. Co-Director of the Centre for Brain Ageing at the University of New South Wales, Professor Henry Brodaty, was one of many experts around the world asked to contribute to the report. Zachary Probert spoke with Professor Henry Brodaty.

* Gatjamak - Andrew Gurruwiwi Band
* Blasphemy - Yves Klein Blue

4. Mahsa Amini was a 22-year-old Iranian woman arrested because she wasn’t wearing the hijab properly. Three days after her arrest, she collapsed in the detention centre and died. The death of Ms Amini triggered protests from outraged women in Iran demanding the ‘morality police’ to be dismantled.

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