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04 February, 2023

STORY 1: From -3 to 33; what is happening with Australia’s weather along the east Coast?

While yesterday in Brisbane saw temperatures soaring into the mid and high 30s, towns down south experienced their first snow of the year. The snow interrupted an important tourist season for many ski resorts in the high country, as many try to maintain business while there is no snow on the slopes. 4ZZZ friend Samuel O’Brien visited the Mount Buller ski resort and reported on the weather phenomenon from there.


STORY 2: What does additional Federal autism research funding mean for the neurodivergent community?

On Wednesday the 1st of February federal Minister for Social Services Amanda Rishworth announced $2 million for Brisbane's Autism Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) to help educators develop classrooms to be more inclusive of children with autism and also develop a better understanding of autism for health professionals and potential employers. Autism Queensland Ambassador and local artist Emma Tomlinsom joins us now to discuss what this funding means for the neurodivergent community.


STORY 1.5: Cold front continued

A little earlier in the show we heard from friend of 4zzz Samuel O’Brien about the cold fronts in Victoria and NSW.

Sam joined us to discuss the impact on the tourism industry and climate change.


STORY 3: A taste of Asia in our backyard; BrisAsia Festival 2023 has officially launched

If you are craving Asian food, drink, culture and music there is a festival that has just launched for you! The annual Brisbane City Council BrisAsia event officially launched last night at Fortitude Music Hall and will run until the 19th of February 2023 to celebrate Lunar New Year! You can learn more about the events on the Brisbane City Council BriAsia page.


Story 4: A Brisbane organisation leading adventures and activities for people with a disability to connect with the environment


023 is the Year of Accessible Tourism, which is part of the Towards Tourism 2032 strategy to make Queensland a destination for people of all abilities.

Mathew Townsend CEO of nature freedom, an organisation that organises activities and adventures for people with a disability. Joined me yesterday to discuss Nature Freedom’s plans for Accessible Tourism year. 


Story 5: Lost scarf on a KittyKat; Brisbane’s community members looking out for each other 

A lady on the KittyKat lost her staff and had it returned on another KittyKat.

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