Bronze Lining

Kieran McLeod & Joel Lamont


9:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Bronze Lining is an optimistic comedy show about finding the humour in the worst parts of life. Pour your glass half full and listen for upbeat music, optimistic comedy, and interviews with locals in the scene with Kieran and Joel 


18 February, 2024

"Just drink when you're sad"

Kieran, Joel, and special guest local comedian Grace Leung discuss Marvel bearocracy, housemate grunting, and solutions to the housing crisis.

This program contains course langauge and is not suitable for sensitive ears.


Please send your problems into to be featured on the show!


Party PestEvery single dayAUS 09:11:46
Tia GostelowVague UtopiaLOCAL 09:23:24
The Flangipanis I'm drunk so what fuck youLOCAL 09:41:37