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The Cosmic Bogan


12:00 AM - 2:00 AM

Cosmic Gravy, with The Cosmic Bogan, explores the Australian music scene by playing 100% Australian music from the 4zzz 'Hot Bin' and selected national artists. Guided by Cosmology, Cosmo's radio philosophy, The Cosmic Bogan supports local artists by playing 100% Australian music with an emphasis on diversity, inclusion and local talent. 


30 May, 2023

Hi, Its Cosmo

Tonight Cosmo brings you more, more, more hot tunes from the hot bin. Tune in from 12 am 102.1 4zzz.

joel leggett part of meAUS 12:05:00
TripsittaDear Miss TinaLOCAL 12:10:23
Peak parkLate Night Picture ShowAUS 12:14:42
Jem Cassar-DaleyKing of Dissappointment LOCAL 12:19:07
Kwasi ready to goAUS 12:26:14
FixtureFilthLOCAL 12:25:59
james blundell sidewaysLOCAL 12:31:04
Cuckoo CocoBe the BossLOCAL 12:34:07
DurriwiynLittle BirdLOCAL 12:36:23
VargilWomanoidLOCAL 12:40:33
Leaving Jordan MemphisAUS 12:44:32
Suicide Country HourNo Cowboy LandLOCAL 12:47:30
Ryan Edmond Typical LoverAUS 12:47:30
Sophia ScottDamn FoolLOCAL 12:53:36
Divers SecurityLOCAL 12:57:16
PressuremapsFake GlassesLOCAL 01:01:06
Salt Tree Coming Home To YouLOCAL 01:04:37
Oleander GroveGaslightLOCAL 01:07:21
Hott SexxHott SexxLOCAL 01:10:21
Hannah MacklinOtherworldLOCAL 01:13:52
Kitschen Boy Close FriendsAUS 01:17:52
FortressaIn Quiet TonesLOCAL 01:21:09
moze albert streetAUS 01:25:19
East of WestStringybarkLOCAL 01:28:53
DaniiIn the darkLOCAL 01:34:38
CTRL ZENSatanLOCAL 01:37:56
Cheap DateWay That You LoveLOCAL 01:40:17
Adele and the ChandeliersSouvenirs Of My mindLOCAL 01:44:37
Mister JJJunkies in the JukeboxLOCAL 01:47:33
The Bogan VillagerBowie KnifeLOCAL 01:50:40
True LightWhereLOCAL 01:53:38
The Far OutsLast nightLOCAL 01:57:24