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The Cosmic Bogan


12:00 AM - 2:00 AM

Cosmic Gravy, with The Cosmic Bogan, explores the Australian music scene by playing 100% Australian music from the 4zzz 'Hot Bin' and selected national artists. Guided by Cosmology, Cosmo's radio philosophy, The Cosmic Bogan supports local artists by playing 100% Australian music with an emphasis on diversity, inclusion and local talent. 


24 January, 2023

Cosmo Says Yo Time To Go

Yo Its TIme to Go to tyhe coolest station on earth, 4zzz. A place to hang with the tunes. playing 100% Indie songs from the zzz Hot Bin.

Huntly My limitsAUS 12:01:44
Dark Moon SocietyThe ReaperLOCAL 12:12:59
Tia GostelowSay It To My FaceLOCAL 12:14:26
Mitch PleaseRich MitchLOCAL 12:17:26
Lyndia FairhallShdowsLOCAL 12:20:32
Ethan EnochEver SinceLOCAL 12:23:49
Cuckoo CocoFor You, I StayLOCAL 12:28:11
The Dog TrackersDeath ChickenLOCAL 12:32:44
FalterFalterLOCAL 12:35:21
UnentitledAdvance Australia FairLOCAL 12:39:19
FriendlyDispositionLOCAL 12:42:42
ZafareliDream of YouLOCAL 12:46:30
ShugoreiMeet The SunLOCAL 12:50:26
Pink MatterBlueLOCAL 12:54:31
Machine On A BreakHow To Be SincereLOCAL 12:58:46
KMBRGirls On The RunLOCAL 01:03:19
DiceEyes AheadAUS 01:06:16
Jess IrvineWild Wild MeLOCAL 01:10:22
Nicole MillarNiceAUS 01:14:14
Emma TomlinsonSour HeartLOCAL 01:16:11
Riley PearceTeenage CrimeAUS 01:19:44
Elke SchonStill HurtsLOCAL 01:23:17
Mel BlueBest MeAUS 01:26:00
Dave & The MudcrabsSticks & StonesLOCAL 01:29:19
Cheap DateChoose YouLOCAL 01:33:10
The StripsDim Your headlightsLOCAL 01:37:46
Come & Get ItCome & Get ItLOCAL 01:41:19
The FortitudesHit and RunLOCAL 01:44:25
Owls of NeptuneFireAUS 01:48:07
QuickdrawShoot From the HipAUS 01:51:58
One More BillyLoose LipsAUS 01:55:12
Steve TowsonCourtship In The Hall of Broken MirrorsAUS 01:58:20