Cosmic Gravy

Simon Taylor


12:00 AM - 2:00 AM

Cosmic Gravy, with The Cosmic Bogan, explores the Australian music scene by playing 100% Australian music from the 4zzz 'Hot Bin' and selected national artists. Guided by Cosmology, Cosmo's radio philosophy, The Cosmic Bogan supports local artists by playing 100% Australian music with an emphasis on diversity, inclusion and local talent. 


11 June, 2024

Clockwork Cosmo

schkeuditzer kreuzsecond lifeAUS 12:06:00
6OCKI ObsidianLOCAL 12:10:17
menajerie meltAUS 12:14:56
Boondock BunjiOnly TimeLOCAL 12:18:21
Will Baker eddieAUS 12:21:39
GLVESStand TallLOCAL 12:24:40
The Bloom Fall into meAUS 12:27:51
SelveSugaLOCAL 12:31:21
polish clubheavyweightAUS 12:34:25
WafiaHouse DownLOCAL 12:40:55
Katie Jayne Too Big For Your BootsAUS 12:43:54
The PhosphenesPlastic DreamsLOCAL 12:47:47
Tessa FleurLong Hot SummerLOCAL 12:51:45
tahdigZzzLOCAL 12:54:35
sienna Tennshould've Been MineLOCAL 12:56:44
Pink Jellynot far to goLOCAL 12:59:13
Olivia JamesBad DaysLOCAL 01:02:14
NonberkMisstress of LiarsLOCAL 01:05:32
Nine Year SisterOne THousand WOrdsLOCAL 01:09:20
Mia MuzeStormLOCAL 01:12:00
Liv MarltonBookmarkLOCAL 01:15:00
Harding's HouseCome AliveLOCAL 01:17:54
Hannah MacklinAll Hearts with RafahLOCAL 01:21:15
Damien AbuserLOCAL 01:26:42
Elder ChildrenRecollection LOCAL 01:31:38
Dirty HeartsCold Light of DayLOCAL 01:35:12
Delilah RoseCeasefireLOCAL 01:38:14
ArugulaOur Love Is back AgainLOCAL 01:41:17
ThurmanGardenLOCAL 01:44:07
AFKAll I Wanted Was YouLOCAL 01:49:15
Alien CarcassGalactic EntrailsLOCAL 01:50:22
Dead Dirty DinosaursTalking SynthesisersLOCAL 01:54:18
MaybesitterSummer//WastelandLOCAL 01:57:38