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Cosmic Gravy, with The Cosmic Bogan, explores the Australian music scene by playing 100% Australian music from the 4zzz 'Hot Bin' and selected national artists. Guided by Cosmology, Cosmo's radio philosophy, The Cosmic Bogan supports local artists by playing 100% Australian music with an emphasis on diversity, inclusion and local talent. 


20 September, 2022

King Cosmo III, "You're Servant"

King Cosmo the 3rd welcomes you to Cosmic Gravy, You're Servant. Cosmo is sick of making the coffee you're servant I am King Cosmo III. Sit back and listen to 4zzz 102.1 fm.

Andy ClockwiseGonna Get ItAUS 12:04:00
AYA JBe Your LoverLOCAL 12:12:16
CirclesDigAUS 12:15:46
Thelma PlumThe Brown SnakeLOCAL 12:19:17
Thelma PlumWhen It Rains It PoursLOCAL 12:22:30
Thelma PlumBack Seat of My MindLOCAL 12:26:37
Project BexxDon't Touch MeAUS 12:30:56
Last DinosaursPut Up With the WeatherAUS 12:38:00
Dani TeveluweAre We Gonna Wake Up?LOCAL 12:41:55
ChymesSee You In HellAUS 12:45:35
Cloe Terare feat. Safety ClubLife BoatLOCAL 12:47:46
Dande and the LionHarder to BreathAUS 12:50:28
MouseExist in MeLOCAL 12:53:26
Little GuiltNowhereAUS 12:57:24
Mitch, PleaseRich MitchLOCAL 01:00:34
Jacob FitzgeraldShame on YouAUS 01:03:40
The Double HappinessRed RoomLOCAL 01:09:06
Buttered PerfectLOCAL 01:11:40
ZadeHollywood EndingLOCAL 01:15:17
VilifyOdysseyAUS 01:18:57
WAAXSame BitchLOCAL 01:24:00
WAAXDangerousLOCAL 01:27:41
WAAXRead ReceiptsLOCAL 01:31:26
Dice Tequila StormAUS 01:35:04
The Chats6L GTRLOCAL 01:38:34
The ChatsI've Been Drunk in Every Pub In BrisbaneLOCAL 01:40:38
Citizen rat Up on My LuckLOCAL 01:43:18