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10 July, 2024

This morning's episode features an interview with Isobel, James (guitar) and James (drums) from the local band Craning. Craning play the Darker With The Day One-Year Anniversary in the 4zzz Carpark on Sunday July 14th, alongside Slowcut and Leaker.

Plus the following review, featured just prior to the The Day You Died by The Folk Implosion.

The Folk Implosion: Walk Thru Me (Joyful Noise Recordings)

Released June 28th, 2024

Walk Thru Me is the first full-length release from The Folk Implosion in twenty-five years. Feel It If You Feel It, an EP, was released in 2022 and an exhaustive and expansive compilation of the group’s work for the KIDS soundtrack was released in 2023, as Music For Kids. Given that the last time Lou Barlow and John Davis collaborated was last century, in 1999, few could be forgiven for expecting them to stay permanently preserved in the amber of a bygone era.

One can easily be sceptical when bands reunite after such a lengthy hiatus; sometimes the results are fantastic, but often they are lacklustre. Walk Thru Me’s existence is not just a surprise in itself, but in how truly great it is. For a group as idiosyncratic as The Folk Implosion to release what may be one of the best albums of their career, after laying dormant for so long, is truly astounding indeed.

I have long maintained that Lou Barlow is the strongest songwriter in Dinosaur Jr., the band he formed with J. Mascis and Murph in 1984. Barlow’s tracks, when they do appear, going back to Lose on 1987’s You’re Living All Over Me, are always a high point. His unique sense of melody and quirky lyricism only improved in Sebadoh and, later, with The Folk Implosion.

John Davis, lesser known, due to not being a member of other notable bands, has several solo releases to his name, including 1995’s Leave Home, an excellent album of oddball, lo-fi Americana. On Walk Thru Me, however, Davis makes his presence known. As a student of Persian music studies, he has gained a knowledge of Middle Eastern instruments such as the setar, oud, saz and tombak. These are incorporated across much of the album, but in particular, on Water Torture and the title track, Walk Thru Me.

Initially recorded remotely, the pair convened in Barlow’s attic to further flesh out their ideas before finally completing them in a studio with producer Scott Solter. Crepuscular opens the album on a slightly woozy note, wobbling its way into focus as Barlow sings about illuminating the darkened passages of your past, as opposed to running from or ignoring them completely. On The Day You Died, Davis addresses the death of his father, tenderly singing about his last moments of life on his hospital deathbed, holding his hand and hugging him one last time as he slowly passed away. Barlow, however, steals the show with My Little Lamb, an incredibly touching and affecting song about allowing your children to take control of their destiny.

The Folk Implosion’s offbeat sense of melody and intentionally lo-fi aesthetic has often been a barrier —for some— to enjoying their music. Initial recordings made deliberate use of outdated recording equipment, cheap novelty instruments and sound collages. Despite this, their songs almost always contained an unmistakable pop sensibility. Walk Thru Me proves that they have lost neither their penchant for experimentation, through Davis’ infusion of Middle Eastern instruments, nor their ability to craft catchy hooks. Walk Thru Me is The Folk Implosion at their best, I just hope I don’t have to wait another twenty-five years for their next record.

Nick Stephan

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